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Title says all.


It has been a year since the last battle with the Kremling King, and Donkey Kong and the other Kongs were relaxing and having fun in the jungle. Suddenly, an airship lurked overhead, and when it vanished, DK's friends were gone, as well as his banana hoard. Very upset, DK set off to rescue his friends and retrieve the banana hoard.

Playable Characters

One * means unlockable.
Two * means unlockable, but only playable in Multiplayer Challenge Mode.


Kingdom Name_of_this_level Level_type Boss_of_level Content_unlocked
Banana Jungle Japes Jungle N/A N/A
Banana Kremling Kaverns Cave N/A N/A
Banana Dark Kong's Krib Jungle Dark Kong Diddy Kong
Pineapple Vulture Valley Desert N/A N/A
Pineapple Oasis Ocean Beach N/A N/A
Pineapple Slippery Seashore Beach N/A N/A
Pineapple Terrible Turn's Perch Mountain Terrible Turn Tiny Kong
Honeydew At the Rambi Races Jungle N/A N/A
Honeydew Smashin n' Crashin Mountain N/A N/A
Honeydew Ted E. Bear's Bunker Cave Ted E. Bear Funky Kong
Pomagranit Gruesome Gateway Haunted N/A N/A
Pomagranit Rampart Rainforest Jungle N/A N/A
Pomagranit Twister Turnabout Desert N/A N/A
Pomagranit Orangutan Lagoon Beach N/A N/A
Pomagranit Kong Arthur's Castle Castle Kong Arthur Dixie Kong
Kiwi Hijinks Highway City N/A N/A
Kiwi Crocodile Canyon Mountain N/A N/A
Kiwi Ted E. Bear's Back Cave Ted E. Bear Ted E. Bear
Lemon/Lime Kritter Katastrophy Jungle N/A N/A
Lemon/Lime King K. Rool's Keep Castle King K. Rool Kritter

King K. Rool

Multiplayer Challenge Mode

In Multiplayer Challenge Mode, up to 4 player can play up in fun games.

  • Rambi Race: Each character will be riding on a Rambi and will race to the finish.
  • Minigame Mayhem: Play in one of four of these minigames: Banana Buncher, Kritter Kruncher, Crate Cruncher, or Race to the Star Fruit
  • Wild West Workout: Lasso them doggies good! +10 points for a cow, +20 points for a horse, +50 points for a golden horse, -10 points for a horse with a Kritter on it.
  • Boss Rush Mode: This can also be played in single player mode. In multiplayer mode, the four must do co-op. NO TED E. BEAR OR KING K. ROOL PLAYABLE.


  • With a code on the back on the instruction booklet, the player can toggle a Dark Kong costume for Donkey Kong.
  • In Multiplayer Challenge Mode's character select screen, the Kritter is known as "Krocodile".

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