Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Blaze is the sequel to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U, released in Q1 2014. This sequel will be released in 2018 for the Nintendo Fusion. 

What's New? 

Donkey Kong is back and ready to take on the Flamads, the successors of the Snowmads from 4 years back. It is Cranky Kong's Birthday, and the three Kongs are there to celebrate. While Diddy and Dixie went to get the birthday cake, and Funky went to grab some party supplies, Cranky Kong was stolen by Kar-Duul, one of the leaders of the Flamads. From there on, the turtle and rat Flamads took Diddy and Dixie, while Lord Karflar took Funky. The Kongs were gone, and DK had to get them back to take down the Flamad Army. The Snowmads later arrive at DK's place, and he is ready to take them down. However, the Snowmads call a truce with DK, and volunteer to be his allies for the remainder of the game.

You first get taken through the Snowmad Kingdoms (4 worlds) to where you will find Kar-Duul, and get back Cranky Kong. 

You will then get taken through Kong Kingdoms (4 worlds) to where you will find the Flamad Army, and get back Diddy and Dixie.

You will finally get taken through the Flamad Kingdoms (4 worlds) to where you will find Lord Karflar, and get back Funky Kong.

You are defeated by Lord Karflar and all the Kongs and Snowmads are held hostage. You will then be taken through a whopping 32 worlds to get back the Kongs and the Snowmads. 

Cranky will be in the Peaceful Kingdom of 4 worlds.

Diddy will be in the Crazy Kingdom of 4 worlds.

Dixie will be in the Girly Kingdom of 4 worlds.

Funky will be in the Retro Kingdom of 4 worlds.

The Snowmads are spread across 16 worlds all snow/ice-themed. 6 of them are revamps from the predeccessor, and 10 of them are all new.

After these 32 worlds, you are taken to Lord Karflar's Kingdom, a large location where Lord Karflar and his Flamad tribe have reunited and are ready to TAKE YOU DOWN! 


Tropical Blaze is a series spread across 3 different games.

Tropical Blaze has the 12 worlds to get the 4 Kongs Back.

Tropical Blaze II has the Peaceful, Crazy, Girly and Retro Kingdoms to get the Kongs back from Lord Karflar.

Tropical Blaze III has the Snowmad Kingdoms and Lord Karflar's Kingdom.

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