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This game is for the Wiiu and the sequel to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.



W1: Mangrove Rainforest

  • 1-1: Mangrove Beach
  • 1-2: Beat to the Jungle
  • 1-3: Tree Top Terror
  • 1-4: Tree Twister
  • 1-5: Rainforest Rapids
  • 1-B: Giant Top Showdown

World 2: Wave Coast

  • 2-1: Snaggle Shore
  • 2-2: Flooded Caves
  • 2-3: Spooky Shipwreck
  • 2-4: Peaceful Pier Peril
  • 2-5: Cannon Crack
  • 2-6: Stormy Shore
  • 2-7: Whale Wave
  • 2-Boss: Piarte Peril

W3: Safari Ruins

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