This game is for the Nintendo Switch and the sequel to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It will be released in 2021 (Donkey Kong's 40th anniversary.)


DK took down the Kremlings, destroyed the Tiki Tak Tribe, and separated the Snomads. Now he and his friends will have to take their biggest adventure yet. King K. Rool is back, and he's built a fortress under DK Island making an army of enemies. DK and his friends were in the DK treehouse celebrating, because all of their enemies are defeated, and wants to take a break. Suddenly, K. Rool's minions are hoarding bananas, from the island. They try to fight them, but K. Rool appears in his newest invention, the Rool Hoarder, Rool's airship. The airship blasts a laser blast sending the Kongs to a mysterious island. Now, the Kongs have to stop Rool's empire, and the Kremling king himself from using a ancient power to take over the world.


Character Description
Donkey Kong The King of the Jungle. DK will do anything to save his bananas. He'll stop K. Rool from taking over, not only his island, but taking over the world. He is the main character you control. While he does not have any abilities, he is the only character to have three hearts, instead of two.
Diddy Kong DK's sidekick and weapon expert. When he's on DK's back, he will fly with his jetpack to get pass gaps. When playable in two player, he uses a Peanut Pop-Gun to beat enemies.
Dixie Kong She will also return in the game. When on DK's back, she can fly with her "helicopter" ponytails. In two player mode, she can shoot bubble gum at enemies.
Cranky Kong DK's grandpa and former shopkeeper will help DK on his quest. On DK's back, he uses his cane to jump over enemies. In two player mode, he will throw his cane at enemies.
Funky Kong Funky will make his first playable role in this game. On DK's back, while DK rolls, he can roll over spikes, and defeat enemies that can't be defeated with the roll power (except bosses). In two player mode, when he jumps, he can stun walking enemies.



  • Minecart
  • Rocket
  • Sled
  • Submarine


Island #1: Green Islands

  • 1-1: Coastal Hijinks (first level/Diddy's debut)
  • 1-2: Flower-Bounce Fields (Dixie's debut)
  • 1-A: Rambi's River (Rambi's debut)
  • 1-3: Root-Grow Jungle (Cranky/Funky's debut)
  • 1-4: Wreckage Woods (Minecart debut)
  • 1-B: Passage of the Plains
  • 1-Boss: Treetop Trouble (BOSS: a caterpillar boss)

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