Donkey Kong Country: K. Rool Rools is a the fifth installment in the Donkey Kong Country series, even though it is a game in the DKC series, it picks up where DK: Jungle Climber left off. It has similar features to Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is for the PiiWii.


King K. Rool is still moping over his loss in DK: Jungle Climber, he eventually starts to think that he can never beat DK, even with the Crystal Banana, but then his seven kids, the Kremling Kids (Karl, Kameron, Kaden, Karter, Kallie, Katie, and Karly) reassure him that DK can be beaten, Karly (The oldest) shows her father a strange scepter she found near the lair, K. Rool picks up and wishes that he could beat DK, and the scepter sends out strange energy and K. Rool grows shiny and immediately tells his kids to get to different parts of the jungle to stop Donkey Kong, while he creates a 'distraction'.

Meanwhile, DK and Diddy are playing volleyball with Dixie Kong and Chunky Kong when Kremlings swoop in and snatch Dixie and Chunky! DK and Diddy run off to Jungle Japes to start the journey.


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