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This game is made by SuperGamerPlayer. You are free to make spelling and grammar edits but please don't make huge edits without my permission. If you have any questions, feel free to put in the comments.

Donkey Kong Country: Island Crisis is a Donkey Kong game for the Wii U. It will be released October 11th, 2014.

Playable Characters:




One day in DK Island, Donkey Kong is excursing, Diddy and Dixie are playing cards, Funky is surfing and Candy is putting some make up on. All of a sudden a helicopter appears and a giant bomb shoots out, sending the kongs flying. Then some Kremlings jump out and steal the eight golden bananas. The Kongs are then nursed back to health by Cranky Kong who tells them about the golden bananas. The kongs then decide it is time to swing back into action and they head off to find the bananas.

After obtaining six of the golden bananas, the gang head over to King K. Rool's tower to get the seventh golden banana. After they get the seventh banana they all head back to the island and have a party. But then Cranky realises that they are missing one and then a helicopter carrying King K. Rool's tower appears and drops It into the water. he explains he is going to use the last golden banana to power up a bomb to blow up DK Island. The kongs then head off to stop him.

After defeating King K. Rool for the second time, the kongs get the eight golden banana and they tie the bomb to King K. Rool's castle. The bomb blows up sending the kremlings and their hideout blowing sky high never to be seen again. The Kongs then have a big party on the island and then the credits roll.

The End.


Kremling Pirate Ship:

1-1: Cannons of Fun

1-2: Bomb Beach

1-3: Ship Shape

1-4: Twisted Vines

1-5: Whirlpool Whirl

1-B: Kaptain Krush

Strawberry Jungle:

2-1: Ballistic Bridge

2-2: Fruit Valley

2-3: Chocolate Cavern

2-4: Mango Mayhem

2-5: Banana Bash

2-B: Return of the Roolenstein

Crazy Circus

3-1: Trapeze Trouble

3-2: Hurry Scurry Circus

3-3: Kritter Labyrinth

3-4: Electric Tipe rope

3-5: Loopdeloop Rollercoaster

3-B: Double Trouble Circus

Dangerous Desert:

4-1: Pyramid Problems

4-2: Banana Temple

4-3: Little Stones, Big Stones

4-4: Atop the Pyramid

4-5: The Great Treasure

4-B: Klubba Face Off

Shocking Savannah:

5-1: The Storm

5-2: Bang! Crash! Boom!

5-3: Furious Flood

5-4: Where The Wild Kritters Are

5-5: Rambi Revenge

5-B: Kalypso's Fashion Fight

Crazy Canyon:

6-1: Rock n' Roll

6-2: Rambi's Canyon Adventure

6-3: Cave Catastrophe

6-4: Apple Assault

6-5: Rock Dash

6-B: Kudgel Krazy Krash

Kremling Island:

7-1: A Explosive Welcoming

7-2: Bombs Away

7-3: Can You Dig It?

7-4: Reckless Rollercoaster

7-5: Berserk Bayou

7-B: Face Off Against the King

7-6: Knight Time

7-7: Fortress Frenzy

7-B2: The Actual Final Fight

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