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Donkey Kong Barrel Blast 2 is the sequel to the Wii racing game, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.


There are several modes in the game.

  • Jungle Grand Prix: Race against you're opponents in the available cups.
  • Single Race: Same as Jungle Grand Prix, except you get to pick the race.
  • Time Trial: Race the clock for a perfect time.
  • Minigames: Play minigames that you've unlocked.
  • Cranky's Flight School: Excellent for beginners or for players who haven't played the first game.
  • Candy's Challenges: Play certain challenges to unlock stuff.
  • Wrinkly's Barrel Bargains: Shop 'till you drop with the bananas you've collected in Jungle Grand Prix.
  • Team Race: Are you a Kong or a Kremling? Race to find out!

Playable Characters





Jungle Theme

  • Konga Jungle Run
  • Konga Jungle Rapids
  • Konga Jungle Sunset

Seashore Theme

  • Salty Sea Run
  • Open Ocean
  • Blue Whale Lagoon

Volcano Theme

  • Mt. Dynamite Run
  • Eruption Junction
  • Mt. Dynamite Remix

Mountain/Tundra Theme

  • Icicle Alley
  • Frostbite Peak
  • Mammoth Glacier

Desert/Parrie Theme

  • Scorched Canyon
  • Prairie Dog Valley
  • Parched Palace

Temple Theme

  • Cranky's Temple
  • Temple Heights
  • K. Rool's Temple

Factory Theme

  • Kreation Station
  • Kremco Toy Factory
  • Krazy Daredevil Run

Space Theme

  • Cosmic Highway


  • Ultra Barrels DK is removed from the game.
  • During the race, the Nintendo logo on Diddy's hat disappears. But during character selection, the logo is there.
  • The enclosed instruction book incorrectly says that Funky Kong and Candy Kong are boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Klaptrap was originally going to be playable, but he was removed from the final version.

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