These are all the known Gold bananas so far.  Note that within the game's pause menu, besides just showing how many Gold bananas you got so far, it will recap descriptions of exactly which ones you got.


Banana World Description
Free Diddy Jungle Japes  Diddy's been caught in the inside of a gigantic Spike Shark enmy's stomach, as opposed to the plain cell room in the original DK64, and another Kong must aim and shoot at the shark's teeth to break them so Diddy can escape out through its open mouth.
Rid armory of Fruitsnoot Jungle Japes Funky's station in Jungle Japes has been invaded by various Kremlings robbing ammo from it, wanting to get lots for themselves.  Among these Kremlings is Fruitsnoot and his Kickboxer rider, and several Kickboxer footsoldiers; go chase them all out of the area & get Banana reward when they're all beaten.  The grounds surrounding the armory are littered heavily with pieces of scattered assorted fruit that had been tossed everywhere when the Kremlings pulled fruit ammo out from there.
Climb Jungle gym Jungle Japes The Jungle gym is a complex hidden structure hidden within Japes, made of many ladders to climb, vines to swing from, and tightropes to walk across.  Climb all the way to the top to find the Banana.  You'll have to find this gym screen by blowing up a big boulder with Dynamighty and dropping through the hole beneath it to this room
Clear Kremlings out of Bramble's garden Jungle Japes The tough Boxer Kremlings have been picking on Bramble, thinking his hobby of managing a garden was sissy, and stomping all over the plants and other growth in it.  Bramble assigns the Kongs to go take out the boxer Kremlings from his garden, giving them a Banana once they're all out.
Replant Bramble's garden Jungle Japes This includes planting new coconut trees with Donkey's coconut ammo, peanut plants with Diddy's ammo, berry bushes with Domino's, and pineapple trees with Dynamighty's.  You'll have to wait until you have each of those Kongs to fully finish this.
Over rolling rocks Jungle Japes Come to this side cavern with Diddy whose jetpak double jump boost is high enough to get him over the giant boulders when they roll down the path & into his way.  Boost over them and get to the end of the cave to find the Banana.
Free Domino Kong Angry Aztec     -Once you reach Domino's prison, you'll inform him that he should have just thought of squeezing out between the bars (with his thin domino body) to escape.  Wondering why he didn't think of that, he does so, and joins the party, also giving them the Banana he has.
Return flute to Aztecs Angry Aztec     --The ancient Aztec monkey tribes native to this world have gone furious and attacking, mad at how Kandy previously raided their temples and took their special golden flute (Kandy had assumed the Aztecs were longdead and wouldn't mind!).  Immeditaly run over to Kandy's music shop & get this golden flute back and return it to the aztecs' music themed temple for Banana reward
Monkey Head Memory Angry Aztec Just like in the real DK64, this wallboard of monkey heads that make different noises when hit exists in one temple; aim your shooter and experiment with hitting each and hearing the sounds they make, then match up the pairs that make the same noise.  When complete, you get Banana reward.  This time this game's located in the music themed temple (along with a room to return the Aztecs' stolen gold flute in another mission, see above)
Lift the barbells Gaterjim Donkey's the only one strong enough to lift the various barbells that are scattered thruout the gym floors, but even he can only lift the smallest ones at first.  Find and lift enough of them and he'll have gained enough strength to lift the medium sized ones, and then lift those until he can lift the big ones, and those until he can lift the very strong giant see-thru container that's covering up a Banana
Past Tiny punching bags Gaterjim One of the many halls entirely consists of just punching bags that look like that kong's head; punch your way past them and reach the end of the hall to find Banana
Open gym locker Gaterjim The room wtih showers, steambaths & lockers is seen early on in the gym world, but you'll have to search the gym to find pieces of the combination that opens the Kremling's locker holding the banana.
Indoor gym pool Gaterjim After opening the pool room by shattering the glass in the way (wtih music), simply swim all the way to the bottom
Play alternate music for exerciser Gaterjim --The rabbit NPC who's exercising in the gym got tired of stepping to the same old background tune.  Take out your instrument & play it as alternate music for him a few times & he'll thank you & give you a Banana
Race single Kombiner in slotcars Gaterjim tba
Race group of Kombiners in boats Galleon grey This fun boat race includes sections where you drive over the edge of a tall waterfall, through the insides of shipwreck, and through giant gator mouths like the ones seen in minecart rides.
Free Dynamighty Kong Galleon grey tba
Field of entirely Klampingions Fungi farms  One of the fields in Fungi farms has its ENTIRE mushrooms (a field of hundreds) turn out to be Klampingions.  Destroy them all.  The last will drop a Banana
Search Kandy holes Fungi farms With Expresso, go to the field where Kandy's shop is; there are also 3 holes in the ground around the shop.  Poke Expresso's head into each & search to see which one has the Banana
Help rabbit cross bridge to diffuser Krystal kliff With Domino, (in a red igloo with many floating platform patterns) figure out and memorize which platforms lead closest to the Bomb diffuser in the center.  Build bridges connecting the platforms (1 at a time) so the rabbit NPC can cross over to the bomb diffuser in time.
Play with lone dinosaur Krystal Kliffs This little dino NPC's lonely cause he's the last remaining one.  Keep him company, playing a minigame competing with him to see who can shoot the most bats on the ceiling
Cabin with jetpak course Krystal Kliffs The first really hard jetpak obstacle course with many things in the air to dodge when flying, including quake avalanche rocks falling into cabin through the roof!
Sort crabs out of Barnacle's collection DK Isles &seas Some boxer crab foes mixed themselves in with Barnacle's seashell collection.  Find which ones are really crabs and defeat thm, clearing them all out to get Banana reward.

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