Donkey Kong 64: Kicks of Potassium
Kicks of potassium

mahna mahna

Developer(s) Emerald Editor Entertainment (or Rare?)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
single player story mode; multiplayer Kong battle minigames
Age Rating(s)
E- everyone
Genre(s) 3d platformer
Series Donkey Kong Country
Predecessor Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Successor  ???
Donkey Kong 64: Kicks of Potassium (N64) is a 3d platformer, a remake of the original Donkey Kong 64 by Rare, this version by Emerald Editor Entertainment.  Rather than sticking with the original game and changing a few things, the entire structure of the game has been redone from scratch, from the worlds to the characters, enemies, missions and soundtrack.  New kongs, animal buddies, Brothers Bear and worlds have been added, as well as Kremlings themed around boxing, plus the game's way easier than the original.  It includes a much wider variety of tasks for winning Gold bananas, more interesting & closer feeling to the DKC series' proper canon, rather than stomping on switches for most of the game.  
The title is meant to be a play of the phrase "Kicking ass" which the Kongs would do to the enemies, their attack energy being fueled by bananas full of potassium ("kicks of potassium"). 


His/her name! Bio!
Donkey Kong Needs no introduction
Diddy Kong Needs no introduction
Domino Kong Domino is a special species of ape with a body naturally long, thin and stretched out like a giant domino.  This comes in handy for forming long thin rectangular bridges for other Kongs.  Although the player normally only has one Kong out at a time (like in the real DK 64), the exception is when forming a bridge with Domino- he'll stay out and forming it just for while the player switches to another Kong to cross it. He can also squeeze through thin cracks in walls with his slim shape.  Domino's main attack when fighting Kremlings is slamming his body forward like a big domino falling over onto them and squishing them. He has a personalitiy for loving exciting thrills that involve risky falling and diving or slamming himself toward the ground. 
Dynamighty Kong This powerful red haired gorilla is all about explosives; the dynamite sticks she pulls out and throws (as her main attack) never ever run out, and she can also be taken to the various fuses laying around and ignite them.  She can also be upgraded (by Kranky's potions) so that she's invulnerable to all explosions that enemies throw—but just explosives, nothing else.


Image Name Desc.
Rambi the rhino

     Rambi can charge across land headbutting strong walls and running over giant lumps in roads to flatten them and pass them.  Much wider roaming space is explorable with Rambi before reaching his end zone.  Also note that any Kong can become any animal buddy.

Espresso the ostrich In Expresso's first appearance since DKC, he can get across longer horizontal pits by gliding, can safely run across poison snake-filled land (the snakes will just crawl under his skinny legs) and can poke his head into holes in the ground, possibly pulling up items out of some, like Gold or small bananas.
Fakira the spike shark Spike sharks are a species exclusive to the DK universe, with bodies made of white bone material who can survive among spike pits without being hurt, and also live in such pits.  Transforming into her lets the player cross such pits throughout the jungle and galleon worlds.
Squawks the parrot Besides just carrying the Kongs between previously explored worlds, there are also certain areas in which Squawks is used as a playable animal.  He can fully fly, not only spitting eggs horizontally, but also pooping them down onto Kremlings, like bombs dropping from above.


Image Name Bio
 Kickboxer Standard foe, a grey skinned crocodile with huge kicking feet with sharp claws on toes.
 Katapult having such a heavyweight body, Katapult walks incredibly slowly and can only make big dashes by launching himself from the stretchy elastic or vine borders of areas, sending himself flying across the air towards the player.  He may launch toward them while they're walking around on land, or up into the air to reach them when they're flying with their jetpak.
  Kapow Bascially Kasplat being redesigned with green scaly more reptile-like body.  Muscular Kremling requiring many hits.
 Kounter Tiny Kremling but wears oversized gloves so big they stop the Kongs from being able to see the rest of its body when it's holding them up in front of itself to block attacks from the front.  Kongs  sneak behind Kounters to hit them.
 Kombiner These blue shade-wearers combine other sports with boxing and they'll be trying to punch at the Kongs while climbing ropes, waterskiing, and so on.  Some also race slotcars & challenge the Kongs to compete.
  Knocka Foe hiding inside green barrel, returning from DKC3.  He'll run toward the Kongs with his barrel disguise on and stick out his gloved arms from it to hit them.
Kleenfite If this Kremling referee's present among other Kremlings in battle, he'll stop the Kongs from using some of their more powerful attacks against the pack, holding up a light blue energy barrier blocking their moves.
Klampingion Sharptoothed snapper with a fungilike back, allowing it to make sneak attacks tricking people into thinking it's just a shroom
Ring King K Rool     He's got desrie to win the annual boxing tournament & take the mysterious Krystal Kantaloupe prize.  The Kongs musn't let him get his hands on it, working their way toward reaching the ring where the final battle with him takes place


Image Name Desc
Big gold banana Kicks of Potassium has a much wider variety of different tasks that can give the Kongs Gold bananas.  Also any Kong can now get just about any one of them.  Feeding either this big variety or the small ones to giant monstrous hippos satisfies their intense hunger and stops them from eating the Kongs.
Small banana Small bananas and banana bunches are scattered more plentifully around the worlds, but they won't satisfy giant monster hippos' hunger as much because they are so much smaller in weight.
Banana balloon Unchanged from the original DK 64; the Kongs can pop these with a shooter to make several small bananas drop out.
Banana coin Unchanged; used for paying family members
Melon slice Unchanged; refills health
Ammo supply crate Unchanged; refills ammo
Music charger Refills musical instrument's power if it's low.
Squawksporter pad While standing on one; the Kongs can call Squawks over to give them a ride to any other Squawksporter pad they've already passed by in the game, even if it's a pad in a different world.  When calling him he first asks the Kongs which world and then which pad to go to.
Jetpak Boost pad Standing on these with Diddy & pressing A lets him start fully flying in the air with his jetpak, instead of just the normal short two-second boost he's normally limited to.  This is the only pad-related move left in this remake.
Buddy box Any Kong can jump into any Animal box to transform into that buddy - either Rambi, Expresso, Fakira or Squawks.


Image World Name Summary Location Buddies Family Bro's Bear Boss
DK Isles & Seas The oceanic hub.  Besides accessing DK island territory & K Rool's mech ship here, the Kongs visit the boxing event managers in their building, to show them the crowns they won throughout the worlds(from beating each boss).  Upon showing them each one, the muscualar member of the management team will tap away at his computer entering updated data on the Crown count, hurriedly pounding the keyboard and computer desk with such force that it shakes the entire islands making obstacles fall over in other distant parts of it (that were blocking world entrances).  The first four worlds,however, are already open at the beginning of the adventure, letting the player choose which to visit first, but will eventually have to get a crown from each.
Once the Kongs have shown the event managers 8 crowns (one from each boss in each world) the Kongs will have proven themselves worthy of facing the Ring King K R ool in the big boxing torunament, and the managers will allow them to fly to that ring's location in their plane   
Boater, Barnacle, Burglar
Jungle Japes -Some worlds like this one return from the real DK 64 but have been entirely redone in layout and events, only remaining similar in name.  This version's Jungle Japes' main area is a sky of many floating grassy islands suspended several feet over a very vast spike sea that stretches miles.  Fakira will be able to drop down into this spikepit ground safely when found.  Side rooms include a special jungle gym, a screen with Funky's armory, also a screen where you fight Fruitsnoot, a  pachyderm who shoots various big fruit out its cannonlike nose.  A Battle crown is rewarded for winning.  Bramble, the bear living here, has had his extremely varied fruit tree garden stomped on and destroyed, and the Kongs must clear out all the boxers who are doing this and then replant the growth with their various fruit ammo, shooting it into the garden holes to grow new trees of such fruit.  Bramble will give the Kongs a Gold banana both for chasing out the boxers and for replanting.    DK territory Fakira Funky Bramble Fruitsnoot
Angry Aztec -A sandy world whose temples are still alive and active by surviving descendants of the Aztec tribe.  They are disturbed and attacking when the Kongs arrive due to the fact that Kandy had previously invaded their temples taking their prized gold flute to sell in her music shop, thinking the Aztecs were long-dead and wouldn't mind.  The Kongs must hurry over to Kandy's shop and get back the flute to return to the tribe.  This is the first world to have jetpak boost pads that start Diddy's pak fully flying.  Domino Kong is found here and becomes playable. To open some temples in this world, the Kongs have to visit Baffle Bear and bring him pieces of Aztec code for him to decipher, which will unlock them. DK territory Exsspresso Kandy &Funky Baffle
Gaterjim -An entire world of many square feet and floors of gym rooms where the boxer Kremlings practice their moves.  Monkey head shaped punching bags hang from lots of ceilings and swinging back and forth in the Kongs' path.  Boxes of boxers hold endless supplies of kremljigjns who constantly pop out until the box's broken .  Rambi will be usable once the Kongs reach the third floor.  Brash the bear is residing in the gym too, betting that he is the strongest and could easily beat the Kongs in a match; they fight against him for hsi crown. Kremling territory Rambi Brash Brash
Galleon Grey --A world of old, abandoned ships and shipwreck leftover from the games where the Kremlings were acting like pirates.  Some boxer crabs who favour this terrain still visit here and are present, along with ghosts of Kutlass Kremlings from their pirate days.  Dynamighty Kong is trapped here and must be rescued to become playable.  Bingo Bear, an excessive gambler, could possibly solve his current problem of being broke, by making it to the old pirate treasure room he's interested in finding, as long as he promises to be more wise with how he uses his money this time.    Kremling territory Fakira Kranky Bingo
Fungi Farms -Being not far from the Mario universe, the DK universe has got a few fields reaching to it that are full of mushrooms.  The player must step carefully here because a lot of fungi are actually Klampingions in disguise who'll pop up and snap at their feet .  Abandoned wooden mills& barns are frequent, and there's still the tall mushroom tower .  Bizarre Bear, living here and interested in the unique fungi-like wildlife, is concerned of the survival of some rare species and wants the Kongs' help in protecting these. DK territory Rambi, Expresso Kandy, Funky, Kranky Bizarre
Krystal Kliffs -Historical crystalized mountain full of the skeletal remains of dinosaurs who roamed long ago.  The Kongs can search heavily to find out if any are still alive, and also determine the cause of the earthquakes that happen every minute .  Something unknown from above is, but the Kongs also can unintentionally trigger the quakes themselves if Donkey Kong pounds the ground in this world, so if the player has to use his ground slam move, must be aware that they'll have to dodge falling stalactites afterward.  As the Kongs explore, they find out that Bumble Bear is unintentionally causing a lot of quakes by bumping into things and shaking the area, and if they help him stop this, they'll get a Gold banana.  Cabins and igloos still exist to explore DK territory Bumble
Kroc-aid Korporation  Krocaid, the sports drink that fuels the kremlings, is produced in this factory.  Pools of green gatorade-like drink exist throughout this world, providing a lot of swimming action as the Kongs dive through them, also watching out for pufferfish in it.  Once the kongs try to enter this world, security crosshairs constantly try shooting at them until they reach the boss who's behind it and beat him for his crown.  Levers throughout this factory, which activate platforms and machinery, can only be pulled with Donkey's strong arms.             Kremling territory
Livid Lizard Labs The kremlins, wanting to make sure they win that big torunament(and have enough boxing strength), have been working on a machine which will suck all the power out of all of the DK territory and all its residents, and transfer it to themselves.  The countodwn until their machine fires, will start ticking once the Kongs set foor in these labs—the Kongs must race through the many rooms and dungeons (as long as a Paper mario final chapter) to turn it off and save the island.  Before thinking about going here, they should find a checklist in another part of the game, which lists all the recommended items and abilities to have to get them through.     kremling territory Rambi, Exsprsso, Fakira, Squawks

List of all Gold bananas

see page "List of Gold Bananas"

Concept art

Older concept art


—Lanky Kong, and a pirate Kong named Kutlass, were originally going to be in the playable list too.  But the developers felt they clashed too much with the other Kong names beginning with D.

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