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Donkey Kong 3D Country 2: Wizpig Strikes Back!!!

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&nbsp Donkey Kong 3D Country 2: Wizpig Strikes Back!!! Is a Game For The 3DS. It Is The Sequl To Donkey Kong 3D Country.



Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Animal Buddies










Worlds And Levels

World 1:

DK Jungle

  • Toppling Trees
  • Foggy Forest
  • Croc Rampage
  • Treetop Kore
  • Northway Trees
  • Kleever's Super Saga*
  • Jungle Castle**

World 2:

Crab Beach

  • Shipwrecked
  • The Blue Sea
  • We Go This Way, That Way, This Way, That Way, Over The Deep Blue Sea
  • Water Carnage
  • Seagull Habic
  • The Scervy Crew Fights*
  • Pirate Cabin**

World 3:

Hot Sandy Desert

  • Desert Trek
  • Ruined Fortress
  • Shifty Sand Sand
  • Quipsand Madness
  • Toppling Tomb
  • Idloo's Secret Passage*
  • Sandbox Terror**

World 4:

Snowy Slide

  • Snowball Adventure
  • Thin Ice
  • Cold Fever
  • Snowman Land
  • Midnight Rush
  • Goopy Poopy's Invasion*
  • Icy Race**

World 5:

Mole Mines

  • Cart Tracks
  • Cavern Ridge
  • Slow And Steady
  • Mole Stampede
  • Coalmine Cave
  • Spitty In The Cavern*
  • Bitty Hunt**

World 6:

Wizpig's Castle

  • Lazer Cuts
  • Pig Bang
  • Spike Range
  • Too Many Pigs
  • The Entry To Worlds 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5
  • Wizpig's Return*
  • The Big Challenge**

World 7:


There Is Only 1 Lvl In This Wld.

  • 25m

A * Means Its A Boss Level

A ** Means Its A Secret Temple Level

Release Date

March 21 2012 (Japan) April 11 2012 (Europe) May 1 2012 (China) July 4 2012 (North America)

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