Donkey Kong (film)
Director Chris Wedge
Carlos Saldanha
Jimmy Hayward
Ryan Harris
Bryan Walker
Producer(s) Chris Wedge
Studio(s) Blue Sky Studios
20th Century Fox Animation
Nintendo of America
Distributor(s) 20th Century Fox
Type Computer animated film
Genre(s) Animation
Buddy comedy
Music David Wise

John Powell

Country of Origin United States
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Josh Gad

Christopher Lloyd

Dakota Fanning

Tara Strong

Brad Garrett

Angelina Jolie

Patrick Warburton

Tom Kenny

Julie Andrews

David Ogden Stiers

Theatrical Release Date(s)
June 21st, 2020
Home Edition Release Date(s)
November 20th, 2020
Age Rating(s)
USA: PG (for mild action and some rude humor)


Japan: G

Russia: 6+

Original Language English
Runtime 87 mintutes

Donkey Kong is a computer animated action-adventure buddy comedy film based on a video game franchise of the same name and as well as Donkey Kong Country series by Nintendo, and produced by Blue Sky Studios. It is also the second film based on Donkey Kong, the first one was Donkey Kong Country: The Legend of the Crystal Coconut, a direct-to-video film which is produced between Nintendo and Nelvana.

The film follows Donkey Kong, or DK for short, a Kong, or an anthropomorphic gorilla, with a red necktie with two letters "DK" on it, who lives in the jungle island with other Kongs and jungle animals. However, the group of alligator/crocodile-alike creatures known as the Kremlings, lead by King K. Rool, arrived at the island and steals all the bananas, Kongs favorite food. So DK, along with his young monkey nephew Dibby Kong, who need to take a journey through the jungle to stop Kremlings and King K. Rool and recover all the bananas.


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Donkey Kong

Josh Gad as Diddy Kong

Christopher Lloyd as Cranky Kong

Dakota Fanning as Dixie Kong

Tara Strong as Tiny Kong

Brad Garrett as Chunky Kong

Angelina Jolie as Candy Kong

Patrick Warburton as Funky Kong

Tom Kenny as Lanky Kong

Julie Andrews as Wrinkly Kong

David Ogden Stiers as King K. Rool

Frank Welker as animal noises

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