Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong SSB4
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Availability Default
Series Donkey Kong
First Appearance Donkey Kong (1981)
Home Stage Jungle Japes
Final Smash Konga Beat


Donkey Kong (DK for short or full name Donkey Kong the Third), is the main protagonist of the Donkey Kong series. He is the protector of Donkey Kong Island and is the original Donkey Kong (Cranky Kong)'s grandson. His grandfather was originally an antagonist with quarrels against Mario until he retired and his grandson then went on to star in his own series, consisting of saving and protecting the things he loves. However, unlike his grandfather, he is friends with Mario and often visits him to participate in sports and festivals.

Donkey Kong is often characterized as a strong, kind, brave gorilla who loves eating Bananas, so much so that he has a Banana Hoard of them. He loves his friends so much that he will help when they are in trouble. Donkey Kong has been on countless adventures, usually with his nephew and best friend Diddy Kong.
Source: Donkey Kong Wiki


- : Giant Punch - Donkey Kong winds up and forcefully thrusts out his fist as a potentially powerful attack. The attack is at fully charged after eleven wind-ups and gains super armor. The punch deals more knockback but lacks super armor at ten wind-ups. The punch can be saved and chosen when to be released after being fully charged. DK will be put into helplessness if used in the air. (10% (uncharged), +2% (per wind-up), 28% (tenth wind-up/fully charged))

> : Headbutt-  Donkey Kong slams his head downward. When performed in the air, the struck opponent is meteor smashed if hit by the sweetspot. When performed on the ground the opponent is buried and will remain submerged longer if the opponent has already dealt a fair amount of damage. DK will not stall in the air. Full power shields will barely manage to avoid breaking against this move. (10% (ground/sweetspot aerial), 8% (sourspot aerial))

^ : Spinning Kong -  Donkey Kong spins with his arms outstretched. DK has super armor at the very start of this move. Excellent horizontal recovery, poor vertical recovery. If used on the ground, Donkey Kong now spins at an angle, increasing the move's vertical range. (7% (grounded first hit), 1% (grounded hits 2-6), 4% (grounded seventh hit), Grounded total deals 18%. 10% (aerial first hit), 2% (aerial subsequent hits), Aerial total deals up to 36%.)

v : Hand Slap -  Donkey Kong repeatedly slaps his hands against the ground, causing earth-shaking vibrations in the process. The attack gives him some protection from opponents while grounded and has good range. The attack originates from Donkey Kong Country. Donkey Kong can now use the move while in midair, although only twice in a row. The second hit meteor smashes foes and it is a fairly easy, yet effective, meteor smash to land. (14%)

F : Konga Beat -  Donkey Kong will take out a pair of bongos and begin to play them to the beat of "DK Island Swing", sending out shock-waves in the process. The attacks range and power is determined by the player's input. The player must push the attack button in succession with the song's beat in order have the greatest range and power. The Final Smash is accompanied by an indicative bar that will appear above DK. It will let the player know when to press the attack button. (Varies)

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