Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong, the King of Swing
Universe Donkey Kong
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSB/SSBM/SSBB/SSB4
Recent Game 'U Mario Party 10
Availability Starter
Final Smash Konga Beat/Super Ape

Donkey Kong makes his fifth return to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Donkey Kong is known for his raw power yet surprising agility despite his body frame. This has been increased in Super Smash Bros. 5 with Donkey Kong not only possessing powerful gorilla strength, but he can also now make high jumps and quick dashes pretty effectively, though he is still no where near the likes of Fox or Pikachu. Many of his attacks now have expanded hit boxes and reach, thus making him a very reliable character. Aesthetically, he retains his Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze model with realistic fur and more emphasis on his muscle and body frame. Many of his attacks also generate dust when performed near the ground. Donkey Kong is still your favorite heavyweight brawler, but with more speed to boot.

Changes from Smash 4


Special Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Giant Punch 10% (uncharged), +2% per windup, 28% (10th windup/Fully Charged), 30% (10th windup at sweetspot) Donkey Kong winds up and delivers a very powerful punch. The longer it is charged, the stronger it is. Donkey Kong can save it for later by charging it fully or by rolling or shielding.
Custom 1 Lightning Punch 10% (uncharged), +1% per windup, 16% (five windups), 15% (fully charged) A faster, but weaker Giant Punch that delivers electrical damage upon contact.
Custom 2 Storm Punch 1% (far), 1.5%, or 2.4% (close) per hit, 1.3% (far), 2%, or 3.1% (far) (last hit) Does less damage but creates a gust of wind that pushes opponents away from Donkey Kong.
Side Special Headbutt 10% (ground target/sweetspotted aerial), 8% (sourspotted aerial) Donkey Kong delivers a powerful headbutt that can meteor airborne opponents if sweetspotted or bury grounded opponents.
Custom 1 Jumping Headbutt 5% (aerial target), 10% (ground target) Donkey Kong jumps and then slams his head down, dealing damage. If in the air, it causes Donkey Kong to crash down.
Custom 2 Stubborn Headbutt 13% Donkey Kong delivers a headbutt with longer startup duration but delivers more damage and gives Donkey Kong more launch resistance.
Up Special Spinning Kong 7% (1st hit, ground), 1% (hits 2-6, ground), 4% (7th hit, ground), 10% (1st hit, air), 2% (subsequent hits, air) Donkey Kong spins with his hands held out. Donkey Kong has launch resistance when using this move and can cancel most projectiles out. It has strong horizontal/weak vertical recovery in the air. When used on the ground, Donkey Kong spins at an angle and increases the moves vertical range.
Custom 1 Chopper Kong 0% Has further traveling distance but sacrifices damage as a result.
Custom 2 Kong Cyclone 4% (1st hit, ground), 3% (1st hit, air), 15% (2nd hit, ground), 12% (2nd hit, air) The move pulls in opponents with a windbox as Donkey Kong spins and then launches them with the final hit. It doesn't deal any damage except for the first and last hit.
Down Special Hand Slap 14% Donkey Kong slaps the ground with his hands and knocks opponents upwards.
Custom 1 Focused Slap 7% (1st hit) 14% (2nd hit) Sacrifices range for increased hitstun and knockback.
Custom 2 Hot Slap 4% (1st hit), 12% (2nd hit) Deals less damage but causes fire to erupt upon impact and has more vertical damage range.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Kong Suplex 2% (grab), 3% (spinning), 15% (impact), 5% (area impact) Donkey Kong grabs the opponent, jumps high into the air and then descends back down while spinning; slamming the opponent into the ground. Bystanders can be damaged by the spinning and the impact. It can be performed in the air and the move can be SD for a KO.
Custom 1 Flaming Suplex 8% (flame), 5% (impact), 7% (area impact) Much like the default but it produces a non spinning flaming descent that does more damage than the actual impact.
Custom 2 Burying Suplex 8% (impact), 8% (area impact) A weaker version but the suplex causes the opponent and anyone directly below them to be buried into the ground.
Side Special Gorilla Leap 18% Donkey Kong uses his massive arms to propel himself forward and then slams both hands in an overhead vertical motion. The attack can bypass certain projectiles and be used as a recovery move. It can spike opponents upwards.
Custom 1 Breaker Leap 16% Weaker than the default but is unlockable and suffers from start up and ending lag.
Custom 2 Impact Leap 0% (core), 4% (outer) Has further vertical recovery but doesn't deal damage. However, the impact portion can force opponents away from Donkey Kong.
Up Special Vine Swing 4% (per hit in swing) Donkey Kong grabs a vine and swings forward; letting go at its pinnacle and launching forward. It has great horizontal distance. More reliant with good momentum. Deals damage in the swing portion.
Custom 1 High Vine Swing 3% (per hit on swing) A weaker move, but has much more vertical recovery distance than the default and obvious less horizontal recovery distance.
Custom 2 High Speed Vine 8% (per hit on swing) A more quick and speedy vine swing but has less horizontal and vertical recovery distance. Deals more damage.
Down Special DK Barrel 5% (throw), 10% (impact), 3% (rolling), 8% (kicked rolling), 10% (ride rolling) Donkey Kong pulls out a DK Barrel and holds it above his head by pressing the attack. He can either throw it and have it break, or he can roll it on the ground by pressing down special. He can place it down on the ground by pressing down on the control stick and then hit it for a stronger roll. Or he can place it down, jump on it, and roll along with it for further damage and distance by pressing the special button.
Custom 1 Powder Keg 2% (throw), 14% (impact), 2% (rolling), 8% (kicked rolling), 7% (ride rolling) Much like the default DK Barrel but instead he pulls out a explosive barrel. Throwing it causes it to explode. Hitting it causes it to explode after launch. Roll riding it is particularly dangerous as it will explode with Donkey Kong on it. More damage on the impact portions.
Custom 2 Steel Barrel 6% (throw), 6% (impact), 8% (rolling), 10% (kicked rolling), 7% (ride rolling) Donkey Kong pulls out a Steel Barrel. It functions much like the DK Barrel except that it is heavier and won't break when throwing or kicked and will continue to roll. As a result, it is slower and more cumbersome.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Konga Beat ? Donkey Kong pulls out a Konga Drum and will begin banging away. The power of the Final Smash is determined by how successful the player is with inputting the correct beats. There is a bar that indicates when to press the attack button.
Final Smash 2 Super Kong Varies Donkey Kong transforms into Super Kong, gaining more wilder white fur, a blue tie, and generally becoming much larger. He does a pose and flexes his muscles. His attacks have all been increased and his attacks produce wide hit boxes. In addition, his speed and jumping abilities have increased, he has increased launch resistance, and most of his moves have super armor.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Faces the camera, shrugs, and makes a confused noise. (Up)
  • Beats his hands against his chest. (Right)
  • Jumps up and down while making yelling noises. (Left)
  • Shakes his fur and makes a happy sound. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Donkey Kong roasrs and thumps his chest.
  • Donkey Kong flexes his muscles while grinning.
  • Donkey Kong slams the ground with his massive hands.

On Screen Appearance

  • Explodes out from a DK Barrel.
  • Rides in on Rambi the Rhino.
  • Swings in from a vine.

Victory Animations

  • Does a back flip and flexes his arms.
  • Beats his chest.
  • Holds his hands above his head and shakes them.
  • Cranky Kong appears and raps his head with his cane while Donkey Kong looks happy to tries to protect his head.
  • Donkey Kong peels a banana and eats it.
  • Donkey Kong punches the camera like a boxer.

Victory Fanfare

A remix of the various drums and trumpets featured in the “End of Stage".

Idle Poses

  • Leans forward and crosses his eyes.
  • Bumps his fists together and uppercuts the air.
  • Thumps his chest with his hands softly.
  • Scratches his head.


Donkey Kong's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Donkey Kong

Unlock: Classic Mode

"Donkey Kong is the leader of the Kongs and is in charge of protecting Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong possesses impressive primate strength that can flatten even a car. One punch from his Giant Punch is enough to topple a mountain....well...maybe that is a slight exaggeration of his strength but there's no denying it: Donkey Kong is strong!"

Donkey Kong (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Blue

"Donkey Kong is a pro at chucking barrels. In fact, he has been doing it now for over twenty years! His impressive strength allows him to lift these barrels and throw them far away. Even his perception is above average! He can correctly lock onto an opponent, throw it, and knock them out with a barrel. He can even chuck explosive and steel barrels!"

Donkey Kong (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Green

"Donkey Kong's impressive strength can cause the ground to shake when he slams his hands onto it. He can even unearth items and objects from the ground such as bananas. I wonder if he can dig, as well. Opponents who are close to him get thrown high into the air for some high damage. Watch out for those massive hands!"

Boxing Kong

Unlock: Boss Battle Console/Boxing Kong

"Have you ever heard of a gorilla boxing? No? Look no further to Donkey Kong! Not only can he throw barrels, kidnap girls, rescue his bananas, and defeat reptiles but he can also box with the best of him. When he puts on those red boxing gloves, he can flatten any opponent. Even someone as strong as Little Mac! Though I wonder who his coach is...Diddy Kong? Candy Kong? Cranky Kong?"

Donkey Kong Jr

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld/Donkey Kong Jr

"Wait...isn't Donkey Kong Jr, technically Donkey Kong?" "Cranky Kong was the first Donkey Kong and, by some weird twist of fate, Donkey Kong Jr...err...Donkey Kong was born and named Donkey Kong Jr." "Then he somehow inherited the Donkey Kong name, but when did that come about?" "Anyways, Donkey Kong trades in his red necktie for a small sized white t-shirt."

Donkey Kong (Vine Swing)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Pink

"Vine Swing is one of Donkey Kong's main techniques while traversing the jungles of DK Island. Without it, Donkey Kong might just be a snail. How he can materialize a vine out of thin air and can swing across the stage is still a mystery. Anyone caught within his soaring swing gets hammered by his Gorilla sized feet."

Donkey Kong (Spinning Kong)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Black

"Donkey Kong brings the heat when he spins,slamming his gigantic fists into anyone unfortunately caught in the way. Donkey Kong can even move upwards by using his intense muscles. When in midair, Donkey Kong can elevate himself into the air using his strength alone. While on the ground, he uses his amazing reach to hit far away opponents."

Donkey Kong (Yellow)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Yellow

"Donkey Kong is one of the biggest (no pun intended) consumer of bananas in the world. He has found multiple uses for bananas such as ice bananas, crystal bananas, and even banana birds. However, what would be one of the most logical uses was making Banana Juice from bananas. Who knew that this juice would endow Donkey Kong with superhum----errrr superprimate abilities."

Donkey Kong (Red)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/Red

"One thing that Donkey Kong had back in the day was his glorious pixelated red fur. This color scheme brings Donkey Kong back to his former glory of barrel throwing and girl kidnapping. Though some may argue (Donkey Kong included) that realism is important. No worries, Donkey Kong fans. He will retain his realistic, gloriously defined gorilla fur instead of that lego look from his glory days."

Donkey Kong (Right taunt)

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop/White

"Donkey Kong is the King of the Jungle and the King of Swing and he is never afraid to show it. When he stands up and showcases his strength and beats his chest - anything and everything runs for the hills because an enraged Donkey Kong is codeword for an early grave. However, Donkey Kong secretly dislikes beating his chest as it causes him to cough and he sometimes bruises himself. Now you know...."

Funky Kong

Unlock: Complete a Donkey Kong Character Challenge

"Donkey Kong is the King of Swing, and also the King of Getting Down with His Funky Self! No one knows where he got those duds but they look sick on him. Maybe they belong to his cousin, Funky Kong. That cat really knows how to jam. Donkey Jong though, while he has his Konga Beats, is too uptight to enjoy life as he is always worried about his banana horde."

Konga Beat

Unlock: All Star Mode (Easy or Normal)

"Nothing stops the beat! When Donkey Kong grabs a Smash Ball, he breaks out his Kongas and goes to town with them. He bangs on the drums so hard that it creates shockwaves that damages anyone within earshot of them. Donkey Kong must match the rhythm of his beats in order to maximize his damage or the Final Smash will just putter out. However, when he can match his beats to the rhythm of the music, then it becomes a huge party!"

Super Ape

Unlock: Unlock all Donkey Kong trophies

"Is Donkey Kong Super Ape or is Super Ape a new Kong altogether? Regardless, Donkey Kong is able to transform into this form! Super Ape doesn't only sport that stylistic gray fur, but also super-gorilla strength, speed, and power. He is able to flinch away attacks as he performs powered-up attacks that leaves opponents begging for mercy. Super Ape can even bend his power to affect the area, causing area wide damage! Super Ape! Up, up, and away!"

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
1st Brown Donkey Kong's default appearance. Starter
2nd Black Resembles a rainforest gorilla and his yellow tie resembles an outfit in the Two-Player Content Mode in Donkey Kong Country. Starter
3rd Red Resembles Donkey Kong's arcade color scheme. Starter
4th Purple Alternate color scheme in Donkey Kong 64. Starter
5th Green --- Starter
6th White Resembles the Super Kong form in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Starter
7th Yellow Based off from his effects after consuming Banana Juice from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Starter
8th Pink --- Starter
9th Orange --- Starter
10th Gray A dark version of Donkey Kong with red eyes and black skin with gray hair. Starter
Boxing Kong Red Donkey Kong's appearance in Super-Punch Out!! Locked
Donkey Kong Jr. White Instead of a tie, Donkey Kong wears a white t-shirt. Locked
Funky Kong Blue Resembles Funky Kong. Wears a red backward shat, sun glasses, a gold chain, and jeans. Locked