Donkey Kong is a returning veteran to the game Super Smash Bros. Over. He plays identically to previous games in the series.

On-Screen Appearence

DK breaks out of a DK barrel.

Special Moves

Move Name Move Type Description
Giant Punch Neutral Donkey Kong winds up for a punch and swings. This does more damage the longer it is charged. When fully charged, DK can move around with it fully charged.
Headbutt Side DK headbutts his opponents, dealing some damage and grounding them for a few seconds.


Up DK spins in the air, dealing damage to anyone nearby and making him gain a little air. It can be used on the ground as well, making DK spin his arms around.
Hand Slap Down DK slaps the ground with his hands, creating vibrations around him. These can damage opponents.
Konga Beat Final Smash DK brings out some bongos and begins to play, creating shockwaves around him. The power of the shockwaves depends on how well the player does at a rythmn game.


  • DK beats his fists on his chest.
  • DK shakes himself as if he's wet.
  • DK turns to the camera, then shrugs his shoulders and makes a weird face.

Idle Poses

  • DK bares his teeth and crosses his eyes.
  • DK bumps his fists together, then performs an underhanded strike.

Victory Poses

  • DK holds his hands above his head and shakes them.
  • DK does a backflip and then poses.
  • DK beats his arms on his chest.

Alternate Costumes

  • A white furred DK.
  • A green furred DK.
  • A black furred DK with a yellow tie,
  • A purple furred DK with a pink tie.
  • A dark yellow DK with a blue tie.
  • A yellow DK with and orange tie.
  • TBD

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