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Donkey Kong is a starter veteran charatcer in Super Smash Brothers - The Ultimate Fight.


Donkey Kong is the main character of the Donkey Kong series. He started as Mario's rival but they are now friendly rivals and Donkey Kong frequently appears in Mario spin-offs.


Donkey Kong fits the "slow, powerful and heavy" character archetype, but with one difference from many characters of that type: he is much faster than these characters tend to be. However, his attacks are still slow. Donkey Kong also has surprising recovery for a character of his type.


Neutral Attack - Does a quick cross punch and follows up with an uppercut.

Side Tilt - Swats in front.

Up Tilt - Swats above his head.

Down Tilt - Swats at his enemy's feet.

Side Smash - Claps hands together in front of him.

Up Smash - Claps hands above his head.

Down Smash - Does a double back-handed punch by bringing his closed fists down 90 degrees at both sides.

Dash Attack - Rolls like in Donkey Kong Country.

Neutral Aerial - Spins with arms extended.

Forward Aerial - Puts fists together above his head, then does a powerful ax-handle smash.

Back Aerial - Back-kicks behind him.

Up Aerial - Headbutts above.

Down Aerial - Stomps down whilst holding his arms up in a macho pose.

Grab - Grabs with both hands.

Pummel - Does a slight karate chop at the enemy's neck.

Forward Throw - Regardless of the enemy's size, DK heaves the enemy onto his back, just like carrying a crate or a barrel. He can then throw the enemy at any direction and walk with the enemy.

Back Throw - Swings his arm back and throws the enemy backwards.

Up Throw - Swings his arm back and throws the enemy upwards.

Down Throw - Slams the enemy into the ground with his hand.

Floor Attack - Gets up and claps once to each side.

Edge Attack - Throws his rear at the enemy.

100% Edge Attack - Climbs onto the stage and swats forward.

Special Moves

Neutral Special - Giant Punch

Side Special - Headbutt

Up Special - Spinning Kong

Down Special - Hand Slap

Final Smash - Konga Beat

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