250px-Donkey Kong Giant Punch

Donkey Kong and his Giant Punch are ready for fight! He is so big and heavy but is so agile to! He is a brick and he hasn't got a many element.

Special Moves

Neutral Special: Giant Punch. Donkey Kong rotate his punch and when he uses his fist, he will inflict a damage from 10% to 28%.

Side Special: Headbutt. Donkey Kong uses his head in.. creative modes! He inflicts 14% of damage and it bury the opponent. If Donkey is on air, the Headbutt is a Meteor Smash.

Up Special: Spinning Kong. Donkey Kong spins and inflicts a maximum damage of 36%. Donkey can also recover with this move.

Down Special: Hand Slap. Donkey Kong makes an earthquake with his hands. Every slap inflicts 10% of damage.

Final Smash: Arcade. Donkey Kong jumps on a platform and he will go back. Donkey throws barrels which are just like the Fusion Special Move.

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