Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Universe Donkey Kong
Availability Starter
Final Smash Banana Slamma

This page is about Donkey Kong in the context of Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the character in other contexts, see Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Donkey Kong is an ape who lives on Donkey Kong Island, constantly having to defend his island, or the banana hoard, from either King K. Rool, the Snowmads, or the Tiki Tak Tribe. Donkey Kong's moveset has experienced an almost complete revamp, becoming much closer to his original counterpart in the Country series, becoming much faster and having more weapons from the series itself.


  • Standard Special - Coconut Shooter - Donkey Kong takes out his Coconut Shooter and begins charging it up. Once the button is released, a powerful coconut is fired at opponents. The less the coconut has to fly, the harder it hits.
  • Side Special - Barrel Toss - Donkey Kong grabs a barrel and throws it horizontally at opponents. The barrel (if items are on) unleashes items once it hits an opponent, sending them flying.
  • Up Special - Barrel Cannon - Donkey Kong summons a barrel cannon that spawns directly under him, which he can fire himself out of. Donkey Kong can aim the cannon diagonally, but the trajectory must very precise and DK doesn't have much time to aim.
  • Down Special - Hand Slam - Donkey Kong's Down Special is one of the only parts of DK's original moveset to remain intact.
  • Final Smash - Banana Slamma! - Donkey Kong slams his fist into the ground, and bananas begin raining down from the top of the screen. The bananas buffet opponents, giving DK an opportunity to attack them.

Victory Theme - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Bonus Room Victory Theme

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