The Boss Characters Of Donkey Kong: The Revenge Of Tiki Tong

Name Image Description Boss Level Name
Kong Krush-O-Matic No Image A Ginat Robotic Verison Of Kritter Made For Crushing Kongs. The Kremling's Ultimate Weapon
T-iki Tong No Image A Ginat Robotic Tiki Resembleing That Of Tiki Tong. Tiki Tong Terror???
Mecha Serpent (Rayman Legends Trailer Boss) No Image

A Ginat Mechinal Serpent Created By Ales Mansay (The Magician).

A Madman's Creation
Tiki Tong And Tiki Tak Gang Tiki tongTikiTakTribe The Final Showdown! Fight Against The Leaders Of The Tiki Tak And Tiki Tong Himself! Tiki Tong's Ferious Finale
Mister Dark Mister Dark A Hatted Caped Mystery Man From The Rayman Series And Boss Of The Special World. A Dark Showdown

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