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DK- The Revenge Of TIKI TONG
Developer(s) DKTeam
Publisher(s) DKTeam
Platform(s) Wii

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS

Release Date(s)
Adventure (Main Story/Adventure Mode)



Boss Gauntlet

Age Rating(s)
E For Everyone
Genre(s) Action,Adventure
Series DK Series
Media Included Video Game

Krazy Kong Krew!

Image Name Description How to Unlock
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Donkey Kong! The Hero Of The Jungle! He Loves Bannnas And Adventure! In Every Turn He's Beaten The Tiki Tak Gang And The Kremilings! He's already unlocked
DiddyKong Diddy Kong

The Sidekick And Partner Of Donkey. Sense The Two Can Remember, They Been Partners, But Now...The Tiki Tak Gang Have Captured The Poor Guy.

Defeat Robo T-iki Tong
200px-Kaptain k rool 1-1- Kaptain Kremling Rool The Kremling Kaptain Returns As One Of The Playable Characters. Kaptain K.'s Role The Story Is: He And The Kremlings Were Attacked By The Tiki Tak Gang! Not Only That But, THE ENTIRE FOOD SUPPLY WAS STOLEN! So Kaptain K. Teams Up With Donkey To Save Diddy And The Bannna Food Supply! Clear The World 1-B As Donkey


Donkey's Story

Donkey And Diddy Were Questing Through The Forest And Suddenly Donkey And Diddy Are Blinded By A Smoke Cannon Ball! Mysterous Creatures Then Kidnap Diddy! Donkey Automaticlly Blames The Kremlings (LOL)! So The Quest Begins!

Kaptain K.'s Story

The Kremlings Had Finally Made A Ginat Bannna Food Supply For Themselfs! Till It Was STOLEN! The Kremlings Paniced! Wondering Who Stole Their Food Supply....They Blamed "That Pesty Kong Krew!" (Diddy And Donkey). King K. Rool Took Action To This Matter And Became Kaptain K. Rool Again.

​NOTE BEFORE READING THE "Krazy Kong Quest" Chapter. Please Know That Bosses Wiil Be Shown Another Article.

Krazy Kong Quest!

World 1: Kong Jungle

W1-1 - Blaming The Kremlings

W1-2 - Kritter's Kavern

W1-3 - The Cry Of The Kremlings!

W1-4 - Klever's Kuting Edge! (The Return Of Klever)

W1-5 - Krow's Kore ( The Return Of Krow)

W1-6 - Krow And Klever's Kountdown

W1-7 - Kong Jungle Beat

World 2: Tiki Temple

W2-1 - The Recreation

W2-2 - Tiki Tong's Trap

W2-3 - Tiki Labytrith

W2-4 - Acient Ruins

W2-5 - Krow And Klever's Rebellion (Rematch With Krow And Klever)

W2-6 - Sky Babylon (LOL same name as a sonic level)

W2-7 - Tiki Tak Throne

The Next World Is Only 5 Levels Long And A Boss

World 3: Madman's Factory

W3-1 - The Mysterous Teensie

W3-2 - Factory Frenzy

W3-3 - Chasing After The Madman!

W3-4 - Electric Gears

W3-5 - The Magician's Final Trap!

Notice: There Is A Special World Plus The Final World Is A Boss Rush.

Final World: Tiki T.A.K. HQ

W4-1 - Kremling's Weapon

W4-2 - T-iki Terror

W4-3 - Death By Sea Monsters

Special World: Dark Palace

W5-1 - Dark Rayman Appears!

W5-2 - Death Challenge

W5-3 - Dare Or Die


Donkey's Ending

Donkey Kong Has Defeated Tiki Tong Once More And Saved DK Island! He And His Animal Friends Celebrate!

Kaptain K.'s Ending

Kaptain K. Rool Saves The Bannna Food Supply And Due To Seeing The Ways Of Friendship, Kaptain K. Was Nice Enough To Send Half Of The Supply To Donkey And Everyone Was Happy again.


Link To Bosses

Donkey Kong: The Revenge Of Tiki Tong/Bosses

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