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Donkey Kong: Kremlings' Revenge is a long-awaited sequel to Donkey Kong 64. You play as six characters throughout 15 areas, to face 17 bosses, and several mini-games. It is once again a 3D adventure.

The game has several homages to the DKC trilogy, including Music.


Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

Lazy Kong

Kiddy Kong

Clingy Kong

The way the music works, is the first track is the Area's theme, and all other themes are for other places in the area, last track is boss. Normally, if there's a happy sort of tune, and there's suddenly a tense tune, it means that it plays right after the happy tune, if something happens.


  1. Urban Jungle ( DK Island Swing, Mine Cart Madness, Cave Dweller Concert, Bad Boss Boogie)
  2. Moss Forest (Forest Frenzy, Aquatic Ambience, Bayou Boogie, Primal Rave, Bad Boss Boogie)
  3. Reinbow Frosts ( Northern Hemisphere, In a Snowboud Land, Mine Cart Madness, Bad Boss Boogie)
  4. Lockyjaws' Lake ( Lockjaw's Saga, Aquatic Ambience, In a Snowbound Land, Boss Bossanova)
  5. Krazy Krevice (Lost World Anthem, Voices of the Temple, Mining Melancholy, Boss Bossanova)
  6. Scoundrel Sea (Enchanted Riverback, Water World, Voices of the Temple, Boss Boogie)
  7. Tree Tower (Treetop Tumble, Fungi Forest Minecart, Gloomy Galleon Boss, Bad Bird Rag)
  8. Factory of Fear ( Fear Factory, The Flying Krock, Jungle Japes Minecart, Bad Boss Blues)
  9. Olde Oasis (Angry Aztec Temple, Gloomy Galleon Caves, Boss Boogie)
  10. Horror House ( Haunted Chase, Run, Rambi! Run!, Frantic Factory Boss, Boss Boogie)
  11. Pestilence Portal (Pokey Pipes, Life in the Mines, Run, Rambi! Run!, K. Rool Duel)
  12. Kremling Kove ( Gangplank Galleon remix, Nuts and Bolts, Jangle Bells, Rockface Rumble, Bad Bird Rag)
  13. Kong Island (Snakey Chantey, Krook's March, Klubba's Reville, Creepy Castle Boss)
  14. World's Kore (Hide Out Helm 2, Hide Out Helm, Hot Pursuit, Hot Head Hop, Krook's March, DK Jungle Climber Final Boss)
  15. Free Isle (Stickerbrush Symphony, Crocodile Cacophony)


K. Roole decided to take parts of other worlds and thrust them into Kong Island, changing the Island altogether! Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong are sitting afloat in their new house boat when the sky turns black and a tree hits the boat. The force flings the two Kongs away, into a portal, away from their home, and friends.

More on the way!

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