Don Rag
Don Rag, as in Yoshi's Island IC
Full Name Don Rag
Gender Male
Location Lizzer Kingdom
Class Villain
Lizzer Army
Family and Relations
Donaldus Raginald Sr. (father)
First Appearance Yoshi's Island IC

Don Rag, also known as Donaldus Raginald Jr. is the main villain of the upcoming game Yoshi's Island IC. He is the leader of the Lizzer Army after his father deceased. To follow his father's footsteps, Don Rag tries to do as much evil as possible at the things his father didn't succeed, to please his father's last words.


Don Rag looks slightly like a Yoshi himself, as he's a Dragger, which is actually a species of Lizzer. Don Rag is red, a little purple-ish too, with a royal blue belly and yellow eyeballs, between his two horns. Each of his hands consist of three fingers with each a claw. His feet have rather two toes, but each of them still contain a claw. He has a long tail that ends with a point, similar to a devil's tail. Don Rag is about 1.5 feet/46 cm taller than Yoshi.


Like his dead father, he's evil. He hates happiness, and therefor, loathes Yoshis, who are happy all the time. Though being evil, he acts a little more dignified, like a real monarch, and owns a villa in the Lizzer Kingdom. He is pretty smart, and very interested in history, therefor having a large room with walls chock-full of books. He shares this personality with his father, except Don Rag is actually smarter, where his father was pretty proud of.

Even though his intelligence, there's still a small chance he loses against someone more ignorant than him, usually by the simplest tricks.



As mentioned above, Don Rag pretty much loathes the Yoshis, because of their happiness. It could be assumed that the Yoshis do not get along with Don Rag as well even before it's revealed he wants to destroy Yoshi's Island.


They are not really the best buddies, but they do get a bit along. Don Rag thinks that Bowser isn't smart enough, while Bowser thinks Don Rag thinks too much about the unimportant parts.

Game Appearances

Yoshi's Island IC

In his debut, Don Rag tries to follow his father's footsteps by doing the things his father didn't succeed. Don Rag begins with the Yoshis, which he claims to be their archenemy. His father wants to destroy Yoshi's Island, which he always failed due to the Yoshis' extremely good defenses. Don Rag, however, learned that the Yoshi's happiness is maintained by the Super Happy Tree, and the Happy Spirits. If either of them is gone, the Yoshis and other residents of their island would lose their happiness, and taking over the isle would me much easier at their state then. Don Rag decides to abduct and destroy the Happy Spirits, as the Yoshis are overprotecting the Tree.



  • Don Rag is an anagram to "dragon".