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Don't Get Caught

This fanfiction was created by NanoPower512

Don't Get Caught is the game created by Nano Studios and released on multiple platforms, including the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Inspired by the game Dragon's Lair as well as Until Dawn, the game is centered around "Taboo", the leader of the world's most infamous drug smuggling cartel. He is one of the newest inmates in The Ark, a high-tech floating prison with the clean record of never losing a criminal, as the prison is almost impossible to escape from: the prison is in the sky with no access to land, hundreds of guards and the most advanced technology in the world. The entire game is hand-drawn animation, like an interactive movie. While the game is pretty short in length, the game is choice-driven and tailored to how you want to play, offering many different endings, failures and more.


The game is presented like an interactive movie, completely hand-drawn animated like Dragon's Lair. The player can control characters via quick-time events, by pressing a button or moving in a certain direction at specific times- failure to do so could result in the game making the choice for you, being chided by other characters or, at worst, the death of the character. Before important quick-time events can commence, a small skull-and-crossbones will appear in the corner of the screen and quiet ticking- reminiscent of a clock. While the player starts out controlling "Taboo", the game occasionally switches around characters, especially during the scenes nearing the end during the escape.

While quick-time events are a factor in determining what might unfold in your playthrough of the game, another key feature is the choices that the game allows you to make. The game is choice-driven, seemingly small decisions could lead to catastrophic events in the future and the story is tailored to how the player chooses to play. The story, due to shortness and simplicity, can be majorly affected by the choices your character makes: you can choose different methods of escape, who to leave behind and/or bring along, who will do what and much more. Almost all of your decisions have an impact on the story and will result in a different ending, allowing lots of replayability. Almost all of the main characters that you can play can die and/or be left behind depending on what you chose to do, and how you treat them (e.g. if you treat character B poorly throughout the game as character A, character B might end up betraying A later on in the game.) The game, albeit short, offers many different endings to make up for this and for hours of replayability.



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