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Dolly Molly is a character in Skip and Sqak and the boss in Spooky Swamp. She is first a small, cute little girl in a blue dress but she's actually a giant spider monster.

Skip and Sqak

When Skip and Sqak entered the Creepy Mansion in Spooky Swamp, they find a little girl named Molly who lives by herself in the Manor. Molly tells the duo she knows a way out of the swamp by taking the Train, but before she takes them there the duo need to get rid of the "Purple Monsters" upstairs. When the two got rid of the enemies, Molly tells them the Train is across the Giant Thorn Bush.

Boss Fight

Later, she meets up with the pair at her Playhouse, which turns out to be a toy, much to Sqak's disapointment and complains over his encounters with "Insane People". Molly, feeling insulted and with Veger pulling the string on her back, turns her head around and transforms into a Giant Spider. A panicing Sqak tries to apolagize but the Dephormed Molly attacks them, resulting a battle.

Skip and Sqak manage to defeat the Demonic Doll, who says her last words, "Mama..." and explodes. Afterwords the pair find a hole which leads them out of the Mansion.

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