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Well, welcome to Doki Doki Chaos, a fangame made by me, Pyrostar.

Please do not edit it without my permission, but you are welcome to comment or talk to me on my userpage. That said, enjoy the page!

Doki Doki Chaos
Developer(s) Nintendo, Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Cryogon
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Yume Kojo
Predecessor Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic
Doki Doki Chaos is a 2.5D platformer developed by Pyro Enterprizes. It acts as a sequel to the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic, and also adds some aspects of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 3D World.


The story begins with a picturebook-styled backstory sequence.

The world of Subcon exists on a different plane from our own. It acts as a sort of second skin to our world, unable to directly influence it normally. However, during sleep periods, denizens of Earth are partially transferred into Subcon, creating the vivid experiences commonly known as dreams.

However, the darker denizens of Subcon, a horde of evil known as the 8-Bits, quickly found that they could influence Earth during this period as well. They started off small, terrorizing humans during the dreaming period in raids known as nightmares. Then, they went subtle. They began influencing prominent figures in their dreams, trying to further their cause on Earth.

Two factions arose to stop the 8-Bits. One was the Dream Oracles, who were capable of seeing into the dream world at will, and in a greater level of focus than in the dream state. The other was the Dream Weavers, who were capable of manipulating Subcon from Earth. Working together, they fought off the 8-Bits, driving them into the deepest part of Subcon, Dream's Deep. Wart, leader of the 8-Bits, swore revenge, stating that one day, a child of both factions would open a portal between the two worlds, giving him a chance to escape. Spurred by this message, the two groups split up, never to interact again.




Name Description Stats
Imajin Chaos
The son of the Dream Oracle Mama and the Dream Weaver Papa, Imajin went to live with Papa after the two split up. Raised as Papa's apprentice, he was aware of his stepsister, Lina, his whole life, yet never imagined that she would wind up the princess. After accidentally running into her in the streets, their interaction generates a rare portal into Subcon, where the two get lost. When Papa and Mama reunite to rescue their children, the quartet find themselves fighting against the dream demon Wart. Imajin is the most balanced character in the game. All of his stats are right up the middle, and he excels in nothing but is good at everything.
Lina Chaos
After the divorce between Mama and Papa, the former eventually joined the sultan's court as the kingdom's official Dream Oracle. A few years down the road, the two eventually got married, giving birth to Lina, both princess and Oracle-to-be. Lina grew up a skilled Oracle, but rarely took her royal duties as seriously, leading her to escape the palace, accidentally setting in motion the events leading to the Subcon portal opening. Lina is similar in terms of stats to Imajin, but with major differences. Her plucking strength is weaker, and her traction is lower, but her jumping sklls are far superior.
Papa Chaos
An Arabic man known to be one of the world's few remaining Dream Weavers, a group of men and women capable of manipulating dreams. After being left by Mama, the disgruntled Papa took baby Imajin as his apprentice, training him in his hobby of carpentry while hoping to keep his Dream Weaving powers a secret. After reuniting in Subcon, he secretly hopes to rekindle his relation ship with Mama. Papa is by far the worst character in the game in terms of jumping ability. However, his speed in the highest, and his plucking strength is decent.
Mama Chaos
A British woman who went to Arabia to train after discovering her lineage as a Dream Oracle, a group of individuals able to see into the dream world. She gave birth to Imajin with Papa, then left in order to continue her studies in the Oracle's abilities. After raising Lina from birth as the princess of the kingdom, she reunites with her ex-husband when the two children enter Subcon. Mama has low speed, but has strikingly high plucking strength. She also has a special hover attribute to her jumps.

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