Doin Bright is the 7th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It aired on October 12 2013. The story is when SSFF and WASP try to get another power source for their ships after Croco used up all theirs.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • RED
  • Dr. Tron (Cameo)
  • Hip and Hop (Cameo)


The show begins inside SSFF's space ship. Croco asks Roshan if he can use the ship's laser to draw on an asteroid. Roshan lets him, but warns him not to use up all the ship's energy from it's power source. Croco uses the ship's laser to doodle a picture of his face on an asteroid and wrote: "Boo you, Red Ants!!". After Croco shouts "Done!", Roshan comes in and takes Croco out of the room so the power source can recharge. Croco begs Roshan for another minute so he can draw the finishing touches to it, but Roshan refuses. Angered, Croco decides to go into WASP's ship to use their ship's laser.

Stingo lets Croco use his ship's laser, not knowing too much can cut the power of the ship, and the two begin doodling on the same asteroid Croco drew on until the power of WASP's ship went out. WASP Team and Croco are trapped inside the powerless ship and can't get the doors open. Croco decides to call SSFF on his cell phone and the team came in their ship. They were gonna transport themselves into the WASP Ship, but their ship went out of power because Croco forgot to turn the laser power off. Both teams are unable to contact Galaxian High for help so they decide to "borrow" another power source from a nearby Red Ant Mothership.

Sparky was able to teleport SSFF and WASP Teams into the Red Ant Mothership, and the 2 teams sneak passed the Red Ant guards. Meanwhile, the RED are having a meeting inside the same Red Mothership to discuss what their next domination plan would be, with Melvin suggesting they can destroy Galaxian High by installing a laser cannon on the moon. SSFF and WASP decide to split up so each team can get their own power source. WASP went down the pipe and found their first power source. However the power source is locked by a security code, which Blinky starts to do a parody of Dance Dance Revolution to crack the code (with the song being "Roses Are Red" by Aqua).

SSFF continue sneaking in the hall until they found their next power source, which is guarded by wire booby traps. Tubby tries to go over them, but he begins tripping over the wires until he crashes into the power source (which is still in fine condition). Meanwhile, WASP tries to sneak out of the ship with their power source, and decide to lower it down a deep down way via long rope which everyone jumps onto (except for Blinky who falls and lands on the floor, and gets crushed by his own ball suit).

SSFF try to carry their power source out of the ship, only to trigger an alarm that sends Red Ants down the hall. The SSFF fight the Red Ants while WASP continue carrying their power source down the pipes. During the fight with the Red Ants, Sqak sends a Stink Ant flying with his stink tank, picking up alot of Ant Soldiers and they end up flying right at the room where RED are inside, but the Stink Ant flies by and instead a grenade from one of the Ant Soldier's pocket falls on the ground which explodes and destroys the third power source in the room, electrocuting RED and destroying the laser on the moon.

Sparky transports SSFF and WASP back into their ships to plug in their new power sources and their ships are working again. Meanwhile, RED are trapped in their powerless Red Mothership and the same Stink Ant lands into the room and his stink tank explodes stink on them.

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