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Dog Run
Developer(s) Soonbird
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo AV
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Battle Mode, Co-op
Genre(s) Platformer, Puzzle, RPG

Dog Run is an upcoming game for the Nintendo IC and the Nintendo AV. The game will be developed by Soonbird.


After being badly mistreated by his owner, Tiny runs away seeking shelter. However, several dog catchers are on the look out for Tiny, but with the help of a battery he acquires during his time with his owner, he is able to utilize magic powers.

Several magic fairies have been sent by Tiny's gaurdian angel to protect Tiny from any dangers he encounters. Tiny eventually runs out of energy, unable to move on. At this point, Tiny meets his gaurdian angel who has brought Biggie and Tiny together. Tiny's gaurdian angel warns him of a mystical darkness that lies ahead.

Soon after, Tiny meets a pitbull named Mike who joins Tiny on his adventure. When Mike and Tiny meet the dog catcher, Mike is caught and Mike tells Tiny to go without him. Tiny's mom, Biggie, had been seriously injured and taken away by the magic fairies in order to move on.

Tiny meets Mike again, who had been trained by the final dog catcher, and is now evil. Mike betrays Tiny and helps fight alongside the dog catcher.When Tiny finally makes it to shelter, his owner has changed his ways and went looking for him. The player must choose between Tiny's new owner or his previous one, and will get an alternate ending accordingly.


The player guides Tiny the dog through puzzles and mazes, avoiding obstacles. The player starts with three lives, and every time a level is completed, the player will regain a life.The game is divided into ten parts: Act I, Act II, Act III, etc. The act ends with a boss battle against a dog trainer who is looking to capture Tiny. Each time an act is completed, a new power will be gained. These powers can be used on the field. Boss battles take the form of a tactical role playing game.

Another player can play co-oporatively as Biggie or Mike once unlocked, but once Biggie and Mike leave the party, this feature is disabled.

Game Modes

Dog Mode

The player plays the story mode as usual, start to end.

Rival Mode

The player can host a local or online match(with teams or otherwise) with up to sixteen players. The game takes place in the form of a tournament (or regularly). Players can level up their match level by competing.


Up to four players can defeat ally cats locally together, and will earn exclusive rewards.



  • Tiny
  • Shelter Provider
  • Biggie (Tiny's mom who becomes a temporary partner in act IV)
  • Magic Fairies
  • Gaurdian Angel


  • Dog Owner
  • Dog Catchers
  • Alley Cats
  • Mike the Pit Bull