Dog Mario
Dog mario
Dog Mario in New Super Mario World
Achieved By Touching a Super Kibble
First Appearance New Super Mario World
Main Ability/ies
Bite enemies


Run faster

Dog Mario, Dog Luigi, Dog Peach and Dog Blue Toad are the forms Mario, Luigi, Peach and Blue Toad take after powering up with a Super Kibble. This form will first appear in the upcoming Wii U game New Super Mario World. In this form, Mario, Luigi, Peach or Blue Toad can bite enemies, dig and run faster. This form can be considered the opposite of Cat Mario.


Super Mario series

New Super Mario World

Dog Mario will first appear in this game. It will first appear in the third level of the game, Super Kibble Garden. To turn into Dog Mario, the player(s) will have to touch a Super Kibble. It'll be quite common in the game, appearing in all the worlds. In this form, the player(s) will be capable to run faster, dig and bite enemies. If the player(s) take a damage, he'll revert back to Super Mario.

Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy

Dog Mario will appear in this game, although it is unknown when. His abilities and appearance are identical to how they are in New Super Mario World.