Dodge the Bomb!
Dodge the Bomb! Poster
Developer(s) Legend Interactive
Publisher(s) Legend Interactive
Platform(s) Arcade Console
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Arcade
Media Included Arcade Console
Dodge the Bomb is an Arcade game developed by Legend Interactive for arcades. The game is a strategy game that requires players to avoid  bombs and collect fruit. The main character of the game is named Frank. 



Gamplay showing the falling fruit with Frank on his scooter

The Player uses the control pad to move Frank from Left to right to avoid contact with falling bombs. When the player collects falling  fruit, they gain points. An Apple is worth 10 points, a strawberry is worth 25 points, a banana is worth 50 points and a cherry is worth 75 points. If the player touches a bomb, the game over sigh will appear and the player can register there score in the game on the high score table .

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