Never ever world

Dock Town reference.

Dock Town is a town where most Pillow 8 comp games take place.So far,the Inny, Jugex(Jocket) , and Thunder Series has taken place so far.


  • An evil New Jersey Devil attacks Docktown
  • A warrior slay it and conceals it in a shrine
  • The Jersey Devil's companions eliminate the warrior
  • The son of the warrior slay them and put all of them in a shrine
  • People return to it
  • Debru attacks
  • Jocket's great great great great grand fathe conceals it
  • A Treasure hunter Shy Guy makes a competition but all his money was used for the prize money
  • Implis and Dee Doo join in
  • They win and the Shy Guy is broke so he ventures for more expensive items
  • He is accompanied by a foolish girl
  • The Girl opens the shrine of Debru and is taken over
  • Debru tricks the Shy Guy to open the concealed hrine of the evil Jersey devil
  • The Jersey Devil introduces himself, his name is Crooze.
  • The Jersey Devil takes over the shy guy
  • He tricks some residents to open his companions shrines.
  • A sage finds out that the shrines were thrusted open
  • Some residents including Implis and Dee Doo fight the souls
  • During the fight,Thunder takes the last shrine.
  • More to come


Shrine Place:This is where most things take place.This is where souls are contained and are advised to never be open

Shack:This is populated and is where Jocket and Spo's store resides.It is very relaxing and busy.

Battle Arena:Using dark matter,The matter reveses gravity amking this piece of ground levitate.They made an arena here.Implis is the best so far.Olympic sports reside here.

Pillow 8 comp:This is where pillow 8 comp resides.It was founded by Pillow 8.They ae making games so far.

Dock hotel:This is where future challenger of the arena or people reside.It is beautiful.\

Dock:This is the transportation unit.Most of the time,challengers of the Arena go on this dock.


  • This is on pillow island

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