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5 Setils inside! That's about $5!

Keyan: This is great! Jeshu, look - Jeshu?

Jeshu: Shh, man. Look at this girl here...

Keyan: ...

Chapter 2

Jeshu was eyeing the fair Emily Cerato (whom whose ancestor you should know), a girl that was about 1 year younger than both of them, them being 14 and she being 13.5 (13 and 6 months). Very pretty obviously, she walked the streets during a part of the day, every day as always. Jeshu always openly had a thing for her (at least in front of Keyan), but the same did not apply for Keyan, who kept it a secret...

Keyan: Emily, yeah okay, but l-

Jeshu: She's hot, isn't he?

Keyan: Same every time you say it, yes, now, l-

Jeshu: Oh, so you openly like her n-


Jeshu: ...So?

This is how it always went. Jeshu goes off about a girl or something attractive and all connection is lost, besides the simple actions to speak and listen (somewhat).

After there little mission, the two boys headed over to the Abandoned Canopy Mart and checked on their stuff. Still there, still looking good, except...when did they get a purple crystal?!

Jeshu: Holy sh*t, man, do you see this? How much is this thing worth?!

Keyan: Oh, so now it's money time? Anyway, I told you, it's 5 se- what the hell is that?!

Jeshu: You tell me! Wow, this is like millions of Setils, in our hands!!

Keyan: Now wait, lemme see.

Jeshu reluctantly hands off the mysterious gem to Keyan, who examines it and awakens it hidden power. Keyan falls into a deep sleep, the last words he heard being "Keyan...Keyan?! What's going-"

"Awaken, mighty descendant, it is time for you to rise!"

Keyan: W...Wha...

"I said AWAKEN, my son, awaken!"

Keyan: Who are you...Sixty Four?

"Yes, I am Sixty Four, legendary human of Earth who saved this land long ago! It is time to awaken your power; a grave evil is coming...I am only transmitting through one of many Purple Crystals throughout the Void which you must find to vanquish this evil..."

Keyan (full consciousness): Wait, really?! Oh my god, will Jeshu be okay in this?! Emily too?! Can you see-

"I do not possess the power to seek the future, however, do not underestimate the power of light, in some crystal I may be able, your power, uitilize the light in your soul and BLAST from your hand, a mighty bolt!"

What is this evil?

What of this power?

Read Chapter 3!

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