Keyan had enough, and busted down the door, light energy pumping through him. He fired rounds of shots into Kneld, who then fell over due to the force. Jeshu stood and looked, as did Emily. This was a sitting room (not a bedroom as Keyan had predicted...).

Jeshu: You!

Keyan: Call me Keyan.

Jeshu ran towards Keyan, hand ablaze with dark fire. Before Jeshu could land a punch, Keyan jumped over him and fired a round of light into his back. Despite the fact that light is darkness' opposite force, the damage done to Jeshu was little. In fact, he seemed as though his power increased. Looking around for some explanation, he saw Kneld's body laying motionless, but giving off heat...

That's when it hit him.

Kneld must be the Persona of fire, and as a transferer, he could and is also transferring his firepower to Jeshu, protecting him from light because light heightens the power of the bright fire. To destroy Jeshu, Keyan must kill Kneld first!

With lightning speed (by the aid of his powers), Keyan ran to Kneld and extracted his power, killing what was still alive within him. And with that, Jeshu's firepower was depleted, and Keyan gained it for himself.

Jeshu: What the f*ck?!

Keyan: Looks like your defense is gone!

As Emily ran through the hallway back to the cell room (to avoid the fight), Keyan fired some shots of light at Jeshu, the impact heightened by Jeshu's loss of defense plus the added power of fire! Jeshu got hit and spiraled to the floor, and Keyan saw the void power get knocked out of him.

Jeshu: Urrrgg...Keyan...

Keyan: What?

Jeshu: The not is another, more powerful being...

Keyan: Hmm?

Jeshu: Yes...go, save Emily...before...

Keyan: Before what?!

But Jeshu did not finish. He rolled over and died, a death that should have not happened. Keyan had no time to mourn however; the dungeon started to shake, and Keyan felt it start to fall!

Emily: Keyan, what's going on?!

Keyan: The dungeon is falling!

Keyan ran to Emily and told her to follow him as he ran around the room, eventually he found a window and they both climbed outside.

Keyan: It's...a floating island!

Will Keyan and Emily be saved?

Read the final chapter...

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