Written by Dk64rules.

Chapter 2

Kneld led Keyan around the village until he came up to the grave of Edmund Welson, the former mayor of the village that was assassinated a few years ago.

Keyan: What does this have to do with me or me gaining powers?

Kneld: Did you seriously ask me that? You mean you didn't know Mr. Welson was a Persona?

Keyan: No, but I kinda see what that means...

Kneld grabbed the left side of the sizable tombstone and pushed. With incredible ease, the stone shifted and revealed a stairway into the ground. Keyan followed the shady man down the stairs. When they arrived at the bottom, a large corridor led to a smaller room with a single chest.

Keyan: Is that Edmund's coffin?

Kneld: Quite the contrary; the chest contains many crystals, enough for you to max out your power! See, you don't need those telepathic crystals, just use these.

Keyan: ...Okay.

Keyan ran over and lifted the chest's top. Kneld wasn't lying, for inside the ornate container indeed was a pile of the purple gems. With excitement, Keyan grabbed handfuls of them, and they activated immediately, delivering bursts of energy. Keyan could feel himself getting stronger. Getting more powerful. Maybe Kneld wasn't so evil after all. Keyan grabbed the rest and sucked up their power. When all was said and done, Keyan was glowing with light.

His true power has been awakened. But...where did Edmund acquire so many crystals? And if Edmund was a Persona, which one was he? Keyan turned to Kneld and repeated his thoughts to him.

Kneld: Mr. Welson was said to have collected the gems during his life as a hobby, but as for his power, I haven't the slightest idea. Some said he gave off some hints as to being the Persona of fire, but others say he was the Persona of water and ice. Pretty weird to have those mixed up, if you ask me. Anyway, now that you have all your power, we should-

???: HEY! The grave is opened!

Keyan and Kneld could hear footsteps coming down from the stairs. The figure of Jeshu appeared.

Why is Jeshu there?

Is Kneld correct on his word?

Read Chapter 3.

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