???: Master, wherever you are, you'd better hurry! Cuz I found your girl!

Amy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!

???: Muahahahahahahaha *cough*!

Dk64rules (series) Part 5: Return to the Western Convicts

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit



Jayl Cel

Chapter 1: Return to the Western Convicts

Sixty: Hey, the void dumped me into the Western Convicts! Perfect!

[gazes up towards the Convict Castle]

Sixty: Alright! Let's get it on!

[runs toward the castle]

Sixty: Whoa, who are you?

Jayl Cel: My name ish Jayl Cel, and yoush not passin'.

Sixty: Ok.......well I'm a friend of Eight's. I'd like to check in on him.

Jayl: Noish, you are Sixteh Four, mortal enemysh of Eight. I smart.

Sixty: Well, I just wanted to fulfill my duties and deliver to him his ORDERED pizza.

Jayl: PIZZAISH?! Go ahead inish!

[doors open, and darkness lies inside]

Sixty: Thank you sir!

Jayl: No problemish!

[Sixty walks through the castle to the foyer]

Sixty: Ah, the foyer. All the floors can be seen. There are about 7, judging from the door heights.

[??? walks out of the Grand Door, his armor and shape reveal him to be a Super Darknut named Twenty]

Chapter 2: Duel With an Old Friend

Twenty: Sixty?!

Sixty: do you know me?!

Twenty: I..remember got me BANNED from the town!

Sixty: Twenty?!

Twenty: Here comes mah REVENGE!!

[Sixty takes out his sword and blocks Twenty's gunblade]

Twenty: Hyaaaah!

[Twenty jumps up to the ceiling beams and stomps, causing the foyer to shake]

Sixty: Let's see how you handle a...STICKY SITUATION!

[Sixty shoots hot glue from his hot glue gun, and the glue cements Twenty to a single beam]

Twenty: Argh! No! This is not happening!

[Sixty uses his laser rifle to knock the beam out of its holders, causing it to fall.]

Twenty: Arggh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaahhaa!

[Twenty hits ground head first, then beam crushes him]

Sixty: See ya, ZERO!

Twenty: Aaah...My Twent...y...

[Twenty dies as Sixty enters the Grand Door]

Sixty: Eight's room must be at end of this hall!

[Sixty thrusts open the double doors to Eight's room]

Chapter 3: The First Battle

Sixty: Eight!

Eight: What?! You beat Twenty?!

Sixty: Yes! Now it is time for you to return my '64 and Amy!

Eight: But don't you want to see who's been waiting for you?

Sixty: Huh?

[A ghost appears, it is, of course, Mick Cool's Spirit]

MC's Spirit: You left me!! To be blown up!! I died there!! You bastard!

Sixty: Mick....Cool...?

MC's Spirit: No, it's my SPRIT! Now I shall bring to you the pain I suffered!

[Eight grabs Amy's Cage and escapes via portal, as the castle begins to crumble]

MC's S [holding a Subspace Bomb]: This is a Subspace Bomb! This is what you left me with!

Sixty: No!

[MC's S throws bomb, time reads 1:30:09]

Sixty: That's it!

[Sixty's sword glows, now realized as the Angel Blade]

Sixty: Hyaaaaaaaah!!!!

[Sixty slashes MC's Spirit, which makes it disappear, never to be seen again]

Sixty: Oh shoot! Must get out of here!

[The Angel Blade creates the same portal that Eight escaped with, as time reads 0:10:45]

Sixty: Here......we.....go!!!

[Sixty jumps into the portal, as the castle is destroyed]

Jayl Cel: Does thisish mean we're notish getting pizzaish...?

[Jayl is blown up]

Will Sixty defeat Eight?

Why is all this happening for a Nintendo 64?

This climax is awesome!

Read: Dk64rules (series) Part 6: The Final Battle

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