???: Uh.....hmmm...papaya or guava....

Desert Shopkeep: We have a sale on guavas.

???: Ok then guava it is!

Part 3: Meeting Mick Cool

By Dk64rules


Chapter 1: Mick Cool

[Sixty falls into the sand]

Sixty: Oof! Sand!

Sixty: Uuuurghhh......

???: Hey, who....are you?

Sixty: Whaaaaat...??

???: Who are you?

Sixty: I'm....Sixty Four.

???: I'm Mick Cool.

Sixty: Mick....Cool?

Mick Cool: Yes.

Sixty: Ok......weird. I once knew a Micool26, but everybody called him Twenty.

Mick Cool: What happened to him?

Sixty: He was banned from our town.

Mick Cool: Oh. We have a town.

Sixty: Where?

Cool: About two miles from here. But don't worry, I have a two person speederbike.

Sixty: Ok.

[both get on speederbike, bike takes off]

Sixty: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

[crash into rock outside town]

Mick Cool: Oof! Urgh......

Sixty: Owowowowowowow....

Mick Cool: We're here..

[both look up to the massive sandblock towers of......Shifting Sand City!]

Sixty: This is awesome!

Mick Cool: We also have a zoo. They have a funny new exhibit!

Sixty: What is it?

Mick Cool: A girl screaming for help and flailing her limbs around in a strange glass box. It's hilarious!

Sixty: Amy!

[pushes Mick Cool out of his way, then runs toward the zoo]

Chapter 2: Dimentio's Demented Death

Sixty: Aaah! Amy!

Dimentio: HALT!

[Sixty runs past]

Dimentio: Hehehehe...

[Dimentio flips Sixty]

Sixty: Hey, I'm flat!

Dimentio: I've changed you from 3D to 2D! Hahaha!

Sixty: I was about to say thank you.

Dimentio: WHAAAT?!

[Sixty slips through Amy's glass box, which is almost impossible, and shatters it.]

Dimentio: Hey, wah?!

Mick Cool: Don't worry Sixty and friend! I'll take down Dimentio!

[Mick Cool shocks Dimentio with a shrink ray]

Dimentio: wha? I'm small. Wait, holy crap!

[Dimentio dodges stomping feet and weightlessly jumps up on the top of the zoo gate]

Dimentio: Foolish mortals! I have evaded you even in this small form!

[Amy trips over pebble, lands on back in front of zoo gate]

Dimentio: And you know what-

[Dimentio staggers, then falls]

Dimentio: GAAAAH!

Sixty: Look!


[Dimentio lands in Amy's mouth]

Sixty: You ate the bug.

Mick Cool [whispering to Sixty]: Hey, now Dimentio is defeated! Or, eaten, in this matter.

Sixty: Great!

Chapter 3: Amy Leaves Again

Amy: Pleh! That was horrible!

Sixty: Heh heh...So you stayin'?

Amy: No, I got a ticket to go to the Ultimate Time hotel down in the sunny beach part of this world!

Sixty: Ok, I gonna go back to saving the world and my '64 from Eight's wrath. C'mon, Mick Cool!

Mick Cool: Ok! I just wanted to get a souvenir!

[holds a salamander keychain]

Sixty: Oh, brother. Where is the nearest Void City portal?

Mick Cool: In the oasis of the Sand Sea outside of town.

Sixty: Well, we got a trip ahead of us.

Mick Cool: We sure do.

Will Mick Cool and Sixty make it to the oasis?

Will Amy stay away from evil?

And what will Eight think of Dimentio's untimely death?

Stay tuned for Part 4 to find out!


Eight: So, how is Dimentio?

Desert Shopkeep: I....don't know! Can I go home noww?? Waah!

Eight: You are useless to me!

[kicks Shopkeep out, literally]

Eight: If Dimentio is dead, I may need more power to confront Sixty than I thought....

Eight: I may need....


Read: Dk64rules (series) Part 4: The Endless Sand Sea

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