Dimentio: Hmm hmm hmm. These tools don't cut it out here, boy.

Shopkeep: But...there the best of 1984!

Dimentio: 1984? No wonder! You're not cut out for Void business.

[pushes Shopkeep down to the Void Workhouses]

Part 2: Away In A Helpless Void

By Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit



Chapter 1: Away

Sixty: Whoa!

[gazes upon the vast void, for he landed in the wealthy section, Northern Peaks]

Eight: Holy ****!

[Eight gazes upon his part, Western Convicts]

Amy: What?!

[Amy gazes upon her part, Eastern Slums]

Dimentio: *sings his Super Paper Mario theme*

[Dimentio floats over the last part, Southern Workhouses]

An hour later...

Sixty: Hello, sir. Do you know anybody by the name of Eight?

Voidial Man: No, but a guy named Eight ran by, like, 20 minutes ago. After a guy named Sixty.

Sixty: Oh.....ok. Thank you, sir.

[runs off in the direction of the Eastern Slums]

Amy: Ugh! No, I said a dress!

Clothing Storekeep: We have rag. Rag pants, rag shirts, rag.

Amy: No silk?

C S: What be silk?

Amy: Forget it.

[C S forgets everything that just happened]

C S: Can I help you?

Amy: NO!

Chapter 2: The Plan

Sixty: Oh, here's the west part.

A Convict: Yo, dude! You from teh north or somethin'? You ain't lookin' like yous from here.

Sixty: Well, you're right. But I-

Con: So I can rob you.

Sixty: What?! No, ac-

[Con pushes Sixty over and takes his cellphone]

Sixty: Yo, what do you need that for?! Give it back!

Con: Nah, I'm presentin' this to Master Eight.

Sixty: Master Eight?

Con: Yeah!

Sixty: I know him!

Con: Yah, right!

[picks up Sixty and throws him over the west wall, into the East Slums]

Amy: WHOA!

Sixty: Aaaaah!

[Sixty slams into Amy, both fall over]

Amy: Get off me, jerk!

Sixty: It's me, Sixty!

Amy: Oh. Sorry.

Sixty: A convict stole my phone and is bringing it to the Convict Castle, where Eight resides.

Amy: Well, we need to get in.

Sixty: Hey, they sell raggy clothes here, right?

Amy: Yes...

Sixty: Well, let's get some, commit a crime, and we'll get sent to the castle. And the best part: they'll bring us right to Eight.

Dimentio: No, no, no. That's not how this show goes.

Sixty: DIMENTIO?!?

Dimentio: Hehehe, that's right!

Chapter 3: The Show

Sixty: Let's get out of here!

Amy: Let's!

Dimentio: Oh, is she your girl, boy? Hehehe!

[boxes Amy in a glass box]

Sixty: AAH! NOOO!

Dimentio: Haha!

[throws the box over the wall, out of sight.]

Sixty: Grrr! Now you're getting it!

Dimentio: Well, aren't we a brave lad.

Sixty: Raaaah!

Dimentio: Strike me!

[Sixty becomes encased in a box outline]

Sixty: Wha?

[The outline flips Sixty out of the void.]

Dimentio: Hahahahahahaha!!

What will happen to Sixty?

What about Amy?

Will Eight ever return the '64?

Read: Dk64rules (series) Part 3: Meeting Mick Cool

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