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Dk64rules (series) II Part 6: Shadows of the Last Hour

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Sixteen: If this is what brings people together, so be it. Try and defeat me!

Sixty: Isn't that our plan, Eight?

Eight: Yes, it is!

Dk64rules (series) II Part 6: Shadows of the Last Hour

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit


Amy Cerato

Chapter 1: Finish up this Brawl

Sixteen: Defeat THIS!

[Sixteen shoots a Voidball at Eight, but it does minimal damage.]

Eight: Ha! Voidballs have no effect on me!

Sixty: Hey, Sixteen, if you can do that, so can I!

[Sixty tries to shoot a Voidball, but it becomes a Lightball instead.]

Sixteen: Ha! A Lightball has no effect on me!

Sixty: Eight, this guy is a real pain. I hope you have something for that!

Eight: Oh I do!

[Eight shoots HIMSELF at Sixteen, which makes Sixteen start to fall.]

Sixteen: Ow! Hey, that's not supposed to hurt! Did I run out of BloodSlashers?

Sixty: So BloodSlashers control his invinciblity? Hey, I think Amy ate them all! Yes!

Eight: Amy ate them all, Sixteen!

Sixteen: No! Argh!

Sixty: Hyaaah!

[A Lightball hits Sixteen and makes him fall all the way down to the Voidial Sea.]

Sixteen: Arrrrrgh! I'll get my revenge eventually!

[Sixteen drowns in the sea,]

Sixteen: I don't think....I'm getting....pizzaish....

Chapter 2: Closing the Void

Sixty: He was a hard enemy.

Eight: Yeah, but we defeated him.

[Demon Amy turns back into regular Amy.]

Amy: Sixty!

Sixty: Amy!

Eight: Ok uhh...I'll just go and close the void...

[Amy and Sixty come together again as Eight flies of to the Void Keyhole.

Eight: Well there's the keyhole...but where's the key?

Mick Cool's Spirit: Looking for this, Eight?

Eight: Mick Cool?! Hey, thanks!

MC's Spirit: You tell Sixty to keep practicing with that sword of his.

Eight: I will. Goodbye.

MC's Spirit: Goodbye then...

[Mick Cool's Spirit disappears as Eight locks the keyhole.]

Eight: I gotta get Sixty and Amy outta here!

[Eight flies back to Sixty and Amy, who are making out.]

Eight: Okaaaay, did not need to see that! Come on, let's get out of here!

Sixty & Amy: Okay!

[The three friends fly out of the void as it closes.]

Chapter 3: The End (Again!)

Sixty: Let's continue dating, Amy.

Amy: How about now?

Sixty: You read me like a book!

[The two lovebrids walk off into the moonlight of the city.]

Eight: Okay, well, see ya later then....heh...

[Eight walks to his house.]

Dk64rules: And that was the story of Sixty, Amy, and Eight's summer as full-grown teens. I hope you enjoyed!


Dk64rules (series)

Dk64rules (series) II

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