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Dk64rules (series) II Part 5: BloodClawer and Jayl

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Sixty: I'm here. Give back Eight and Amy.

Jayl: Ok. Just let me kill you first!

Dk64rules (series) II Part 5: BloodClawer and Jayl

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit

Amy Cerato

Jayl Cel

Banish the BloodClawer

Chapter 1: Meet Banish!

Jayl: Banish! Come meet your new prey!

[A huge, beastlier BloodSlasher drops from his ceiling-bound cage.]

Sixty: Oh my god! What is that?!

Jayl: He is a specialish, deadlier versionish of a BloodClawer, the deadlier versionish of a BloodSlasher. I callish him Banish.

Sixty: So is his name Ban or Banish?

Jayl: His name is BANISH!

[Banish charges at Sixty, but Sixty evades the noobish attack.]

Sixty: Is Banish a newbie at this?

Jayl: Oh, no he is not! Banish, mostra la tua forza Sixty vero!

Sixty: He speaks Italian?

[Banish shoots a massive Voidball at Sixty, which hits Sixty and half the castle!]

Sixty: Urgh!

Jayl: Hahahahahaish!

[Half the castle, Sixty, Frozen Amy, and Frozen Eight fall down through Core Darkness, to the actual core.]

Sixty: Hah!

[Sixty's lightball hits Banish right in the chest, and Banish's life is sucked out of him; his corpse continues to try and attack Sixty.]

Jayl: Banish! Mostra Sixty nessuna pieta!

Sixty: Uh oh.

[Banish's corpse lifts one of the four cores and uses it to hit Sixty.]

Sixty: Owowowowow!

Jayl: Hahaish!

Chapter 2: A Bloody BloodClawer

Jayl: Goodbye Sixty! Wait, huh? A dragon? Or is it a demon?

[Demon Amy, the very same demon who almost killed Sixty, returns to seek revenge on the new evil person: Jayl.]

Jayl: Oh godish.

[Jayl quicky evades Demon Amy's sweeping hand.]

Jayl: This girl is crazy! Banish!

[Banish does not come.]

Jayl: ...Banish?

[Banish's bloody remains are held up by Sixty, who feeds them to Demon Amy.]

Jayl: No! Aaargh!

[Jayl's anger prompts the four cores to help him transform into Sixteen, the dark shadow of Sixty Four himself.]

Sixteen: Nowish we SEE!!

Chapter 3: The Arrival of Sixteen

Sixteen: Sixty, you must already know that you can't defeat me, for you are practically me but weaker!

Sixty: Oh, we'll see about that, you hellbent shadow!

Sixteen: Ooh! Hellbent! Getting strong with the words, are we?

Sixty: No. Just strong is fine.

Sixteen: Well, if I were you, which I practically am, I would save Eight from falling to his doom. But I'm not going to. Are you?

Sixty: Oh no! Yes!

[Sixty flies down to the falling Eight, catching him just before he falls into the Voidial Sea.]

Eight: ...Sixty? ...TWO Sixtys?

Sixteen: I prefer Sixty's way of saying it, Hellbent Shadow Sixty.

Eight: We'll defeat him together. Hey, where's Amy?

Sixty: Over there, eating some BloodSlashers.

Eight: Oh.

Sixty: So let's get down to it!

Eight: Let's defeat that shadow!

Sixty & Eight: Let's go!

Will Sixteen be defeated?

Will Eight side with good...for good?

Will the void be destroyed?

Read Dk64rules (series) II Part 6: Shadows of the Last Hour .

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