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Dk64rules (series) II Part 4: There is No Hope

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Jayl Cel: Nowish we see.

Sixty: Jayl!

Eight: Jayl?

Jayl: Haahahahahahaaish!

Dk64rules (series) II Part 4: There is No Hope

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit

Amy Cerato

Jayl Cel

Chapter 1: The True Void Master

Jayl: Hyah!

[a void beam blasts Sixty]

Sixty: Argh!

Jayl: I am the Voidish Masterish!

Eight: Oh yeah?!

[a void beam blasts towards Jayl, but it hits Eight]

Eight: What the hell?

Jayl: You can't attackish me with my own powerish!

Eight: Urgh!

Sixty: Angel Blade!

[The Angel Blade blasts light into Jayl, but minimal damage is done]

Jayl: Muahahahaa!

[Jayl blasts Sixty and Eight, then prepares the Void to open the core]

Jayl: Behold! The Void Core!

[The Void Core appears, now a Quad-Core heatball as opposed to Eight's Dual-Core.]

Jayl: This heatball, at its max state, can power TWO voids at once!

Eight: Whoa.

Sixty: Yeah, whoa.

Jayl: Turbo Core!

[the void core burns brighter than before, and the whole void glows]

Sixty: What's happening?!

Jayl: Hahahaha!

Eight: Hyah!

[Eight blasts a lightball into the core, but it just bounces off]

Eight: Gasp!

Jayl: Monsters! At my side!

[10 Voidial BloodSlashers appear by Jayl]

Jayl: Get them!

Sixty & Eight: AAAAH!

Chapter 2: The BloodSlasher Brawl!

Sixty: Yaah!

[Sixty splices a BloodSlasher with the Angel Blade, but it just gets the monster angry]

Sixty: Oh s**t.

Eight: I'll try my lightball!

[The lightball sucks the life out of the first BloodSlasher, but its dead corpse continues to attack]

Eight: Oh s**t.

Sixty & Eight: AAAAAH!

[A BloodSlasher takes hold of Eight's leg]

Eight: No! Sixty!

Sixty: Eight!

[Jayl flies over]

Jayl: Take him, BloodSlashers!

Sixty: No!

[The BloodSlashers disappear with Eight]

Sixty: No...

Jayl: Goodbye!

[Jayl disappears, leaving the Core visible through the gash in the Void.]

Sixty: Where's Amy?!

[Sixty runs back to the ruined castle, but he is too late.]

Sixty: Where is she?!

Jayl: I took her back to myish castleish.

Sixty: I see you've got your accent back.

Jayl: Yesish, yesish.

Sixty: Well?

Jayl: Well nothing! Goodbye!

[Jayl disappears]

Sixty: Wait, the Core!

[Sixty runs to the Core]

Sixty: I see his castle!

[Sixty jumps into the secret section of the Void, the Core Darkness]

Sixty: Here it is. The Core Darkness.

Chapter 3: Let's Go!

BloodSlasher Guard: Hey, you from here?

Sixty: Yeah, I'm, um..., Jayl's paperboy.

BloodSlasher Guard: Oh. Jayl is on the third floor, center door.

Sixty: Thank you.

[Sixty goes inside.]

Sixty: Whoa!

[The Grand Foyer, the most amazing room in the castle, is seen]

Sixty: Third floor, center door. Got it! There!

[Sixty jumps up to the door.]

Sixty: Here it is. Let's go!

[The door opens...]

Will Sixty get Amy?

Will Eight be alive?

The battle is almost near...

Dk64rules (series) II Part 5: BloodClawer and Jayl

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