J.C.: I'm here, sir....I'm here....

Eight: Good....

Amy: Can we go in now?

Dk64rules (series) II Part 3: She Loves Me....He Loves Her Not....

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Eight Bit

Amy Cerato

Jayl Cel

Mick Cool

Chapter 1: Is He Serious?!

Sixty: So, we need a Void.

Mick Cool: Where can we get one?

Sixty: Maybe my old N-64 still has some power left in it.

[M.C. and Sixty run downstairs]

Mick Cool: Hey, where's your mom?

Sixty: At work. Hey, here it is!

Mick Cool: Okay, so where's the Void?

Sixty: N-64, make the portal open!

[a Void appears]

Mick Cool: Cool. Let's go!

Sixty: Let's!

[Sixty and M.C. jump into the Void]

Eight: Here we are, Amy. The Grand Foyer.

Amy: It's amazing!

Eight: Seven floors of amazing.

[alarm beeps, and troops come down]

Amy: What's going on?!

Eight: Sixty and Mick Cool! They're here!

Amy: What?

Eight: 7, 8, 9! Show our visitors why we have no visitors!

7, 8, and 9: Yes, sir!

Sixty: Hey, there's the castle.

Mick Cool: Yeah.....

7: Hello, Sixty!

Sixty: Aah! Seven!

8: Hahaha! It's Mick Cool!

Mick Cool: Aah! Eight!

9: Hehehe, it's the visitors!

Sixty and Mick Cool: Aah! Nine!

Eight Bit: C'mon, Amy! To the master bedroom!

Amy: Why...there?!

Eight Bit: It's the....safest room in the castle!

Amy: Oh.....ok then.

Chapter 2: Battle in the Void!

Sixty: Um.....

Mick Cool:....

7: Hyaaah!

Sixty: Whoa!

[Sixty dodges 7's blade]

Sixty: Heeeeeeeeyah!

[Sixty knocks 7 over with the force of the Angelic Blade]

Mick Cool: Take this!

[Mick Cool emits a blue beam from his hands]

7: Argh! Ugh....

[7 passes out, 8 and 9 lift their swords]

Sixty: Mick Cool! Blast 'em!

Mick Cool: Taste this!

[M.C.'s blue beam blasts the heads of 8 and 9 clear off, leaving the beheaded bodies to fall over and die]

Sixty: Powerful!

[Sixty stabs 7 in the back with the Angelic Blade; 7 dies]

Sixty: Storm the castle!

Mick Cool: Right!

Chapter 3: Mystery of the Castle

[Sixty and M.C. storm the castle]

Eight: Amy, they're inside!

Amy: Sixty's here?

Eight: Get him out of your mind. I'll take care of this.

Amy: Okay, what can I do?

Eight: You know what, spit in this bottle.

Amy: O....k.....

Eight: Good.

[Eight jumps out to the foyer]

Sixty: Eight!

Eight: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Mick Cool: Take this!

Eight: Ruka! Come!

Ruka [in bottle]: Right!

[Ruka transforms into a giant globby monster called Rukanomuco, Eight's most trusted steed]

Eight: Hyah!

[Eight jumps atop Rukanomuco and orders him to charge]

Sixty: Aaaaah!

Mick Cool: Yah!

[M.C. emits another blue beam that burns Rukanomuco's left eye]

Eight: Uh oh.

[The blue fire on Rukanomuco spreads around him, now Rukanomuco is dead and flaming]

Eight: Aaah!

[Eight jumps up to the master bedroom door, just seconds away from being incinerated.]

Sixty: Ha!

[Sixty blasts a light beam from the Angelic Blade]

Eight: Gaah!

[Direct hit!]

Sixty: Direct hit!


Mick Cool: Kablamo!

[M.C. blasts tons of blue beams at the master bedroom]

Eight: in there....

Sixty: Stop! Mick Cool, stop!

[The beams keep on coming]

Sixty: No!

[The master bedroom explodes]

Sixty: Amy!

Mick Cool: Yes!

Eight: Urgh....

Amy: Aaaaaah!

[Amy falls to the floor]

Amy: Ow....

Mick Cool: Huhuhuhhahahaha!

Sixty: Mick Cool!

[Mick Cool transforms into Eight]

Eight: Ha! I am the real Eight! I stayed behind as Mick Cool in the city! Mick Cool could never make those blue beams!

[The Eight by the master bedroom turns into Mick Cool, who is dead]

Sixty: Mick Cool! He's dead! I....killed him.....

Eight: But I am not the villain......I did not call Ruka, and he had no intention of.....

Sixty: Then who was it?!

???: Hehehe.....

Who is this new ???

Will Amy survive?

Is this the end of the series?

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