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Dizzy is a Main Character in Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles. He is an orange bear who works as the sherrif of Apple Acres. He is also Kyo's best friend and looks up to him no matter what.


Dizzy first shows Kyo around Apple Acres, to give him a "nice, big, Apple Acres welcome". Later on, when a cloaked thief (Sky) steals Kyo's stone Dizzy helps him chase after her along with Fungus and the trio end up in the bandit's underground hideout, where they decide to help the leader Wes save Dystopia from bankruptcy being caused by Feathers Inbunch.


  • During early development, Dizzy was going to have a bitter and hostile personality. In an early script, he was not pleased about having a zuger in his home. Also, he was going to actually grab Kyo and knock him down a waterhole on purpose. This made the creator Namsean concern about giving this role to Dizzy, as it would be more better to make Dizzy a deurtagonist rather than an anti-hero.

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