Dixie Kong
Dixie Kong, the carefree girl of the Kong family.
Universe Donkey Kong
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Kong POW

This article details Dixie Kong as she appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade, not the character as a whole. Please do not edit anything here unless it is categories that could be added or if the creator gives you permission.

Dixie Kong is a newcomer from the Donkey Kong series that makes her debut in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. She was hinted at near the beginning of September, before being properly revealed on September 20, 2015; about 18 days after the first hints. Her looks and many of her attacks are based on the recent Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but also pulls inspiration from older and more obscure games to create a character that differs greatly from her male counterpart.


As one could obviously tell, Dixie Kong has looks and certain attributes similar to Diddy Kong without being clones of each other. Dixie Kong isn't nearly as fast or as powerful on the ground as Diddy is, but instead excels in the air. Many of her moves hit multiple times in the air, and can use combos to launch opponents up high before finishing them off. A great example of this is Dixie's up throw, which is very light and short in order to prevent opponents from breaking out of a followup.

Dixie Kong is an especially great edgeguarder compared to Diddy. Her ability to wall cling can easily let her latch onto the side of stages, and many of her moves and custom specials are built to prevent foes from recovering. As an example, her Bubblegum Popgun can spike midair opponents if fully charged or slow them down on the ground to prevent escape, while the Twisted Hair custom can push opponents downwards to ignore recovery. Dixie's major flaw is the absence of any good KO moves, because she is built around forcing her foes to the battlefield of her advantage.


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Hair Slap Dixie Kong swings with her hand forward, then spins around and repeatedly attacks with her hair. The finishing hit is a backwards kick. 2%, 1% (rapid jab), 3% (finisher)
Forward Tilt Monkey's Paw Dixie swings her fist in front of her. 9%, 7% (late)
Up Tilt Rising Foot Dixie jumps slightly off the ground and strikes with a kick upwards. 8%
Down Tilt Dash Kick Dixie Kong kicks her left foot forward. 6%
Dash Attack Twirling Ponytail Dixie spins forward in a twirl, with her hair extended. 5% (can hit twice)
Forward Smash Fisted Hair Dixie spins around with a powerful slap of her hair. 12%, 15% (ss), 19% (charged), 22% (ss charged)
Up Smash Head Bob Dixie strikes twice upwards with her hair tip. 7% (hits 1-2) 10% (hits 1-2 charged)
Down Smash Whirling Ponytail Dixie Kong spins on her head revolving twice, tripping nearby foes with her hair. 13%, 18% (charged)
Neutral Aerial Curl Hair Dixie Kong uses her hail to curl herself up, rolling in place to attack. 7%, 5% (late)
Forward Aerial Cannon Flip Dixie Kong flips around with her hair extended. 8%, 6% (late)
Back Aerial Cutter Hair Dixie spins backwards, slapping opponents behind her with her hair. 7%
Up Aerial Tornadotail Dixie Kong rapidly swirls her hair upwards in a mini tornado, hitting multiple times. 1-2% (hits 1-5)
Down Aerial Stabbing Hair Dixie Kong flips around and stabs her hair down. Can spike at the sweetspot. 7%, 10% (ss)
Grab N/A Dixie Kong sweeps her hair around, attempting to grab something. N/A
Pummel Choke Dixie Kong squeezes the opponent with her hair. 2%
Forward Throw Barrel Toss  Dixie Kong rolls her foe forward like a barrel, dealing rapid damage. 2-3% (hits 1-5)
Back Throw Wind-Up Throw Dixie Kong winds up her hair and throws the foe far backwards. 12%
Up Throw Air Hair Toss Dixie Kong lightly tosses her foe into the air. Great for following up with other attacks. 5%
Down Throw Hair Suplex Dixie Kong jumps in the air and flips around before smashing her hair into the ground. 10%
Floor Attack Round Kick Dixie Kong sweeps her legs in a circle before getting up. 6%
Trip Attack Hair Flip Dixie Kong flips upward with her hair extended. 5%
Edge Attack Hair Roll Dixie Kong rolls onto the floor in front of her and smacks her hair down. 2% (roll), 5% (hair)

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Bubblegum Popgun Charge up a wad of bubblegum to be burst violently from Dixie's popgun. The gum can cancel out weak projectiles (5% or lower), slow opponents on the ground, or spike midair foes if fully charged. 2% (min), 7% (max)
Custom Special 1 Bubblegum Blower Spray a wind of bubbles that slowly float upwards rather than shooting 1 gum wad forward. 1%
Custom Special 2 Bubblegum Blaster Dixie fires a far-range wad of gum that does major damage, but does not have any of the effects of the normal gum. 13%
Side Special Cannon Shot Using the move once will cause Dixie to curl up and leap backwards. Using the move again will send her spiraling back forward through a Barrel Cannons. 2% (backflip), 9% (cannon)
Custom Special 1 Cannon Ball Burst forward in a small cannon, without the need to use the backflip. 9%
Custom Special 2 Cannon Turret Backflip and place a cannon turret that will stand for about 5 seconds. Pressing the button again fires an orange projectile that explodes. 2% (backflip), 7% (orange)
Up Special Hair Whirlwind Dixie Kong flies upwards with her hair, and can glide down to safety for about 11 seconds. 1% (hits 1-6)
Custom Special 1 Twisted Hair Dixie Kong flips upside-down when propelling herself, trading damage for spiking foes. N/A
Custom Special 2 Hair Divebomb Dixie Kong rises up quickly, and then dives straight back down. Can't grab ledges but can bounce off of opponents. 1% (hits 1-6), 6% (dive)
Down Special Electric Guitar Dixie Kong will begin to play on her electric guitar, creating a shockwave. This shockwave reflects projectiles right when it starts and can trap opponents for the duration it lasts, a maximum of 5 seconds. 5% (initial wave) 
Custom Special 1 Roaring Jam Dixie Kong plays an extremely loud shockwave finisher on her guitar, without the rest of her song; this loud jam stuns the opponent for a second. 8% 
Custom Special 2 Orchestral Guitar Dixie plays orchestral music through her guitar for about 3 seconds. Anybody nearby will fall asleep. 1%
Final Smash Kong POW Dixie Kong will use her hair to try and catch someone in a circular radius. If she does, she will perform a special Kong POW with them that deals damage and heals Dixie by half of the damage. If the move misses, Dixie is healed by 1%. 34-42%


  • Up: Waves towards the screen cheerfully.
  • Right: Sways her head around and around, causing her ponytail to follow suit.
  • Left: Jams on her guitar for a short second.
  • Down: Stands on her toes and spins around while laughing.

On-Screen Appearance

Dixie Kong bursts out of a pink "DX" barrel.

Select Sound

Dixie Kong laughs.

Victory Poses

  • Dixie Kong whips around her ponytail before accidentally tripping on it. She looks to the screen and scratches her head, confused.
  • Dixie Kong flies in from the sky using her hair before giving a thumbs up.
  • Dixie Kong is shown playing her electronic guitar with her hair, before striking a pose.

Losing Pose

Dixie Kong quickly claps towards the winner.

Idle Poses

  • Smooths out her ponytail.
  • Stretches and yawns.

Victory Fanfare

A remix of the Bonus Clear theme from the Country games, stylized similarly to Tropical Freeze (0:00 - 0:06).



It's arguable whether Dixie Kong's ponytail is natural: blond hair on a monkey with brown fur? Since when was that possible? What isn't up for debates, however, is the usefulness of this hair. Dixie Kong is made into an aerial champ thanks to large floaty jumps, and a lot of her hair whips are sure to deal major damage. The hair is also great for grabbing things!


Learning to use Dixie's Bubblegum Popgun correctly can create a deadly projectile. Slowing foes down, meteor smashing them...there are so many uses. If you can land a bubblegum piece, you need to follow up fast! Go for a chain of aerial attacks! If you need to evade moves on your own, the Cannon Shot starts off with a backflip, and the Electrical Guitar can reflect projectiles.


Dixie has a lot of moves that can prevent opponents from recovering back to the stage. Her custom moves do an even better job at this! Dixie's Hair Whirlwind is an already great recovery, but the Twisted Hair and Hair Divebomb moves put their own twists. Landing the Twisted Hair's downward gust at the beginning can really damper the moods of foes, and it's fun to bounce off of foes with Hair Divebomb's descent!

Battle Spire

Dixie Kong pulls in an opponent and makes them unwillingly pull off an awesome Kong POW!...But wait! You can't just turn opponents into Golden Hearts! This Kong POW does the next best thing - use Golden Hearts to steal energy from the foe you catch and heal yourself. It's a great way to get back in the heat of battle, just as long as you actually manage to capture someone into the attack.

Pallete Swaps

Reveal Trailer - Golden Hearts

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