Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

360px-Dixie Kong .cim- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

"Dixie Kong fixes the fight and her hair!" (Introduction tagline) For the first time, Dixie Kong joins the fight! She is not so strong but she is the third fastest character in the game (after Excitebiker which is a DLC and Serperior)!

Special Moves

Standard Special: Chewing Gum. Dixie spits hers chewing inflicting 3% of damage. The Chewing also paralyzes the opponent!

Side Special: Plumage Crossbow. Dixie uses Tiny Kong's Crossbow to shoot plumage and inflict 14% of damage.

Up Special: Ponytail Jump. Dixie jumps high with her ponytail.

Down Special: Tiny Dixie. Dixie becomes very little and becomes weaker but speeder.

Final Smash: Expresso. Dixie jumps on Expresso and shoots with her Crossbow. On Expresso she is invincible because she is invulnerable and can walk on air.

Strife Smash: Giga Bubble. Dixie makes a chewing bubble which explodes, inflicting 48% of damage.

Ability: Tiny Dixie. In her little form, Dixie is the lightest character in the game (Fox's blaster too will move she) but she is the speedest and has the highest jump after Yoshi. Dixie can be small for a maximum time of 20 seconds.

Unlock Criteria

  • Win a Classic Mode with Diddy Kong at Normal difficult.
  • Win Event 8: Diddy's Carnival.
  • Have her join in the Story Mode


  • Her chewing gum is from DK Country Tropical Freeze.

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