Ditzy Desert is a locked castle in Mario Party: Third Dimension. The board is based off of World 2 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The host of the board is a Lakitu with a purple shell, and the shop owners are Goomba. The board must be purchased for 300 tickets in the shop.

Happening Space happenings

  • A Pokey pops up and attacks the character, taking away 5 or 8 coins.
  • A burrow appears underneath the character, dropping the character into a cavern with only red spaces.
  • A mummy walks out of the pyramid and gives the character a trivia question. If the character guesses incorrect, then the mummy takes away a Star (or 20 coins if the character has no Stars).
  • A Dry Bones offers to give the character an item for 10 coins.

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