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This is a fan-fic by me, I love Shaymin Sky Forme! From, Riora the Riolu 21:15, 21 February 2009 (UTC), so no one but me has the right to edit it. (except if you are staff editter)

This is about a Shaymin Sky Forme who is being chased by The Force. The Force is a team with all legendary Pokemon teamed up. Shamymin quit the team many millenia ago, so The Force had realized Shaymin shall be put to death.

Chapter One

All was silent. Not even the slightest of a noise. "Dawn would never approach..." thought Shaymin. "I have gone solo for many decades, but the sun has not come up for a while." Shaymin starts walking around the creek. "What is the point of running? I should just face The Force myself." In a sudden flashback, shaymin envisions how many legendaries she would have to fight. "I should just give up..." Shaymin looks up in the sky and sees a quick shadow. "Who's there?! Show yourself!" A faint, sinister laugh creeps Shaymin. I have to get outta here! Shaymin runs into the direction away from the shadow. A Shadow Ball heads to Shaymin until she attacks back with Energy Ball. BOOM! An explosion occurs and blows Shaymin off the plateu. "WAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Shaymin screams. Hitting many treetops, she falls onto the ground head first. A larger shadow walks up to her snd says, "You foolish Shaymin." The shadow picks her up and ties Shaymin with a rope. Shaymin wakes up while being carried by a big Pokemon. Looking at the Pokemon, Shaymin tried to remember what species. Large yellow wings, a long orange beak, hmm... A Zapdos!?

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