These are the movesets for the playable fighters in Disney XD: World Battle.


  • Attack Button: Basic Attack
  • Attack Button (10x): Combo Attack
  • Jump Button + Attack Button: Jump Attack
  • XD Attack Button: XD Attack

Frontrunners (First/Second Party)

First party characters originate on Disney XD while second party characters originate on Disney XD's sister channel which is Disney Channel. That explains the reason for Disney Channel-exclusive characters to appear in the game.

Phineas and Ferb Duo

  • XD Attack: Rollercoast-tastrophe - The duo builds a loop for a roller coaster that will run over the opponents.


  • Basic Attack: Baseball Bat - Phineas whacks opponents with a whooptastic baseball bat.
  • Combo Attack: Bat Spin* - Phineas spins while having the bat in his hand, knocking opponents down.
  • Jump Attack: Swap - Play as Ferb.


  • Basic Attack: Wrecking Wrench - Ferb slashes opponents with a fixing wrench.
  • Combo Attack: Gear Blade - Ferb shoots gear-shaped spinning tops with sword-like spikes.
  • Jump Attack: Swap - Play as Phineas.

Dipper Pines

  • Basic Attack: Whoopy Glass - Dipper whoops his opponents with a magnifying glass.
  • Combo Attack: Prism Beam - Dipper blasts opponents with the shine of the magnifying glass.
  • Jump Attack: Mysterious Warp - Dipper has the ability to teleport while jumping in mid-air.
  • XD Attack: Cipher Wheel - Dipper summons the Bill Cipher wheel so icons on that wheel will damage the opponents.

Mabel Pines

  • Basic Attack: Hook Rocket - Mabel can shoot rockets in form of grappling hooks.
  • Combo Attack: Rocket Ride - Mabel can also ride on a big one of her hook rockets and run over the opponents with it.
  • Jump Attack: Grappling Hook - While in mid-air, she shoots a grappling hook and swings it, causing opponents to be knocked out by her kicking.
  • XD Attack: Smile Vomit - Mabel has an ability to vomit fresh dry Smile Dip candy sticks from her mouth. While she's after it, a waterfall of Smile Dip sugar lands from the sky on your opponents.

More movesets coming soon!

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