Disney Infinity and Beyond is the sequel to Disney Inifinity, and the first open sandbox game made by Sactown Studios

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Starters Package

There are a total of five characters that are ready from the start when the game is purchased.

Image Name Description Series
MickeyRumble Mickey Mouse TBA Mickey Mouse
DonaldRumble Donald Duck TBA Mickey Mouse
GoofyRumble Goofy TBA Mickey Mouse
BuzzRumble Buzz Lightyear TBA Toy Story
PoohRumble Winnie the Pooh TBA Pooh

Other Playable Characters

These characters are also playable in Disney Infinity and Beyond!, but like Disney Infinity they must be purchased indvidually or in gift packs.

Image Name Description Series
MinnieRumble Minnie Mouse TBA Mickey Mouse
DaisyRumble Daisy Duck TBA Mickey Mouse
Peg-Leg Pete TBA Mickey Mouse
WoodyRumble Woody TBA Toy Story
Jessie TBA Toy Story
Rex TBA Toy Story
TiggerRumble Tigger TBA Pooh
McqueenRumble Lightning McQueen TBA Cars
RalphRumble Ralph TBA Wreck-It-Ralph