Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure 2 is a game for Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One developed by Toys For Bob and Vicarious Visions, and Published by Activision, Disney Interactive, and Neversoft. The Game will feature all of the memorable Disney and Pixar Characters from the first game, Plus a whole bunch of new Disney and Pixar Characters. The * by a character's name means that character is unlockable. This Game will be released in the Summer of 2015.

Returning Skaters

Simba(But this time as an adult) Nala(Also an adult)* Timon and Pumbaa* Rafiki* Woody Buzz Lightyear Jessie* Zurg* Tarzan(As an adult now) Jane(As an adult)* Terk(Normal Age)* Tantor(Normal Age)*

New Skaters

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse* Donald Duck* Daisy Duck* Goofy* Pluto* Aladdin Jasmine* Genie* Jafar* Kiara* Clayton* Archimedes* Zugor* Rex* Slinky Dog* Hamm* Prospector* Mr. Potato Head* Bullseye* Lotso* Prince Eric Ariel(Human Form) Peter Pan Captain Hook* Alice Mad Hatter* White Rabbit* March Hare* Queen of Hearts* Sully Mike Randall* Mr. Waternoose* Mr. Incredible Elastigirl* Violet* Dash* Frozone* Russell Jack Sparrow Elizabeth Swann* Hector Barbossa* Kermit The Frog Miss Piggy* Gonzo* Luke Skywalker Han Solo Princess Leia* Lando Calrissian* Stormtrooper* Indiana Jones Captain America Iron Man Thor Princess Anna Princess Elsa* Kristoff* Olaf* Pinocchio

DLC Characters

Tony Hawk Sora Riku Kairi Sofia Wreck-it Ralph Fix-it Felix Venellope Melody Handy Manny Pete Rallen Jeena Bolt Chicken Little Rockhopper Gary The Gadget Guy Aunt Arctic Sensei Herbert P. Bear

Returning Levels

Olliewood Pride Rock The Elephant Graveyard* Scar's Canyon* Andy's Bedroom Pizza Planet* Xrghthung(Zurg's World)* The Jungle Treehouse The Human Camp* Clayton's Ship*

New Levels: Mickey's Toontown Agrabah Cave of Wonders* The Palace* Bonnie's Room The Caterpillar Room* The Butterfly Room* Peter Pan's Hideout Monstropolis Monsters Inc* Metroville Port Royal Muppets Theater Mos Eisley Space Port Death Star Hangar* Jabba's Palace* Temple of Doom Wonderland Paradise Falls Arendelle Castle King Triton's Throne Room Ariel's room* Prince Eric's Castle* Ursula's Lair* Pinocchio's Village

None of the Human Non Disney Characters from the first game return, but you can still create your own character like in the first game. Also, instead of using Actual songs that aren't in any way related to Disney like in the first game, The Game has actual songs from the Disney movies. And you can select which song you want to use.


Be Prepared Hakuna Matata Can You Feel The Love Tonight You've got a Friend in Me Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song Arabian Nights A Whole New World Friend Like Me You Can Fly Muppets Show Theme Song Fathoms Below Part of Your World Under The Sea Poor Unfortunate Souls Star Wars Main Theme Cantina Band Theme Imperial March Indiana Jones Theme You'll Be in My Heart If I Didn't Have You When You Wish Upon a Star Pirates of The Caribbean Main Theme A Pirate's Life for Me* Mad Tea Party Do You Want to Build a Snowman? For The First Time in Forever* Love is an Open Door* Let it Go* Incredibles Theme Song

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