Discord is a boss in Bubble Bobble Ultimate Fusion! in the downloadable level Discord Destruction.

Base data

  • HP: Takes 70 hits to beat
  • Weapon Used Against: Music

List Of Attacks

  • Dropping electric boulders.
  • Shooting 5 discordation magic shots in a circle which if a player gets hit, will make them lose all of their lives, and need to wait 1 minute to continue. These get spammed when you half his health.
  • Summons 3-5 of mightys, hidgeons, or mad zen-chans picked by random chance.
  • Summons the super drunk, who will go away after 5 hits.
  • Summons the hyper drunk, who will go away after 15 hits.
  • Summons the super dark great dragon, who will go away after 10 hits.


His boss music is a remix of the boss from "Kiki kaikai" from bubble symphony, but remixed to be more frantic.


  • Due to his spamming of the discordation magic wen he turns red when you get him down to half heath, people going to be on the leaderboads for the xbox 360 versions often have a rough time as scores are reset when you continue, and the highest score is submitted. Normally lots of scores seem nooblike.

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