Director Piranha

Director Piranha is a Piranha Plant that is a director. He appears in Lights, Camera, Mario!, though is not a villain. He appears in almost every level, directing what happens. And when Mario runs out of health, he appears and says, "Cut!".

Other Appearances

Fantendo: Silence

Director Piranha appears in a level in the Earth world of Fantendo: Silence, where he decided to set up on Earth seeing as movies are more popular there than in the Mushroom Kingdom. He then gets the player to be the main character in his new movie, called "Pirates of the Mushroom Sea". During the level, you must defend a pirate ship from enemies, and then you have to explore a rocky island to find treasure. You must also fight the boss, Godzilla Bones. For that level, the player uses their Realm of Insanity costumes.

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