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Dinosaur Wars: Cosmic and Meteor Versions (Kyōryū Taisen: Honō to Yami 恐竜大戦:炎と闇?) is the action role-playing dinosaur game released on 3DS in June 30, 2016.


  • Create a dinosaur.
  • Wireless Online Trade and Battle.


Prologue: The New Life


There are more than 100 dinosaurs availables and list of their category known as Species.

T-Rex Species

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tricera Species

  • Triceratops

Raptor Species

Stego Species

Spino Species

Pachy Species

Brachio Species

Anato Species

Ptera Species

Plesio Species


  • The Life Land (The free-roaming land)
  • North Africa


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