Dinosaur Land (Super Mario: An Evil Rising)
The island.
Greater Location The Toadus Kingdom
Current Capital Deadly Cliffs
First Appearance Super Mario World (canon)
Super Mario: An Evil Rising (fanon)
Current Ruler Page Mage
Current Inhabitant(s)
Page Mage, Dinosaurs
Location Type Island
Included Environment(s)
Jungle, Mountain
Dinosaur Land was an ancient island connected to the Mushroom Kingdom via bridge. It is the prehistoric version of Yoshi's Island. The island's main inhabitants are Yoshis, Rexes and Boos.


The island was an island that had trees trimmed by Page Mage to look like a Fire Flower, a Mushroom, aStar, and a Super Leaf. The island is home to Prehistoric Yoshis and the well known Dinosaurs. As you head up, it becomes Steep and the trail splits. the trail on the left goes to the Page Mage's "Castle", and the trail on the right goes to the top of the volcano.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

The island is what Luigi visits to hunt down the Page Mage. Luigi had to dodge monsters, trees, and even protective barriers. Luigi had to travel to the near top of the volcano there to fight the book wizard. Once Luigi defeated the wizard and transformed him into the Page Mage Spellbook, Luigi took the book as the volcano was erupting, after Luigi made it to shore and the bridge to the land was destroyed, he left the book as the island began to drift away.


  • The Volcano's face on the island looks very similar to the one that appears on DK Mountain in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
  • It is unknown what caused the eruption, possibly the face on the volcano can be able to predict the eruptions